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Heavy Duty Home Improvement

Who knew that aiming a cordless 14.4 volt DeWalt drill at your husband’s ass might not be as funny as you thought it would be?

Me. I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that a quarter-inch drill bit could, with the slightest amount of mushing, cut a gaping hole through a pair of cargo pants and joe boxers.

I thought a drill only screwed things in, you know? Like, a drill only turns, turns, turns. It doesn’t rip, rip, rip. Why didn’t I know a drill rips, rips, rips?

Furthermore, why didn’t a certain someone tell me how to reverse the motion of a drill? Why would someone say to a wife, “Reverse! Reverse!” when the wife obviously, by demonstration of coming at you with the drill in the first place, has no idea how to reverse?

Why would you say to this wife who is standing there with a drill tangled dangerously close to your tailbone, “You didn’t just do what I think you just did, did you?”

Because chances are your wife did just do what you think she just did, and she really needs to know how to reverse, if only to explain to the coroner how you ended up face first on the floor with a drill in your ass.

  • She’s not kidding. She stuck a drill in my ass and pulled the trigger.

  • Just be thankful that you weren’t using the Heavy-Duty XRPô Dewalt Drill. 18volts and 450 in-lbs of maximum torque I tell you! What would it of meant?

    Certain disaster.

  • talk about getting screwed (yuk yuk) 😉

  • April Gem

    Ohhh… that’s just too ripe for dirty jokes and innuendos. [big ol’ evil grin]

  • Jen

    You’ve got a think for power drills don’t ya? lol

  • C’mon, what we all really want to know is if the drill bit got stuck like it does in Trading Spaces.

  • My dear father still keeps me away from his tools, even though I am now an adult.

  • “the majority of all accidents take place in the home!” 😉

  • Damn. Good thing you weren’t feeling frisky enough to try tickling his balls with it.

  • good thing you wasn’t working with a circular saw.

  • Jon should just be happy that you don’t own one of these. Hammer? My ASS.

  • AEnigma

    I don’t think you should be allowed near anything powered by electricity, gasoline, gunpowder, solar energy, geothermal energy, batteries, rodents or any other means for the next hundred years.

  • Dear god you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  • at least he wasn’t facing the other way, visectomies shouldn’t be performed at home…

  • looks like you shot the sheriff. i just hope you didn’t shoot his deputy.

  • shy

    ahh… the honeymoon is still on i see. 😉

  • were you at least wearing safety glasses?

  • smark

    MY GOD, woman; Ass drilling with a De Walt – how gauche! Anyone not born in a barn knows that the appropriate butt piercing ( in the northern hemisphere ) is achieved utilizing a 12 volt B & D for half the price and pretense. I’ll bet you wear white shoes after september.

  • nice choice of power tools. you know, home depot has classes on how to use them…

  • I’m delighted you’re back !
    Congratulations on your new marital status 🙂
    I think you should try different drill bits in order to find out what their different effects on hubby’s anatomy are. Check the warranty first though !
    Have you considered tensile strength tests on him ? Or see how bullet proof he is by using a nail gun on him (be careful where you point that thing though, you might do permanent damage to your successful married life). If he really loves you he’ll allow you to use power tools on him. I mean, what else is married life for ?

  • ME

    Can DJ Blurb talk with a Cuban accent? If so, I see a spot for you two on ABC’s fall lineup.

    “Doooooce, I’m hoooome”

    Drilling. Asses. etc.

    Wackiness ensues!

  • Good thing it wasn’t an impact drill!

    And I second April Gem’s thinks, though I too will hold my tongue.

  • Geesh! She’s making the rest of us women who know how to handle power tools look bad! You don’t go for the tailbone, honey. Go right for the cheek!

  • You mean there’s a “reverse” on these things? Cool.

  • I’m so glad your back. Congrats on your marriage! Your pics were very pertry!

  • Boz

    So the obvious question…did he like it in the ass?

  • UL

    I just spewed.

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