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He’s Still Just a Little Guy

  • that is by far the cutest kid.

    cutest puppy i mean.


  • Marshall

    Are you gonna do a “Daily Chuck” like Dean @ Textism?

  • awww he is such a cute puppy. Do you have photos of him chewing on your favourite handbag? Or best shoes?

  • Just another inane, “Thank God you’re back.

  • Did he get your eyes or Jon’s?

  • smark

    what’s that white stuff on his forehead?
    a very fine looking puppy indeed.

  • he looks pretty dignified in most of those shots.

  • Well, it’s no wonder that big ballsy boy (I’m thinking Larry Tate) was all over the Chuckster. He’s simply irresistible.

  • Oh, those floppy ears and puppy dog eyes! I’ll bet you forgive him anything.

  • Fox

    Gorgeous photos, darling subject.

  • Oh! What an annnngel! Thanks for delivering on the photos.

  • Great pics!

  • Anonymous

    He’s so cute … but sad looking.

  • kee-yoot! he does look saddish, but sad eyes are often just a characteristic of certain breeds, yes? maybe he just misses his hairy mommy. or wishes he could get the hang of the “go poop” thing.

    at any rate, he’s darling. thanks for the pics.

  • so cute… i can’t stand it. my day is complete.

  • i am haunted by images of sperm flying over this dog’s head. the visuals, as delicious as they are, only make it worse. 😀

  • oh my god. the bottom middle picture. he so has sand on his little nose. oh my god. AHHHHH SO CUTE!!! 😀

  • Cute, cute puppy!

  • A traveler of ambiguous gender, wearing only a cape made entirely of the tongues of fish, created a symbol out of bananas and oranges. Earlier, a blind monk in a threatened temple gave lessons to young students in language that they did not understood, accepting payment only in various fresh fruits. A fish who had not spoken for several years, lay dying in a long-dry riverbed.

  • too damn cute. yum. 🙂

  • jules

    welcome back! but i really missed the congressman, ooops i mean former congressman, somethin fierce..

  • Say, I’ve got a hot little number that would like to share a camcorder case with the former congressman…

  • He’s just gorgeous!

  • AWWWW…. i want a puppy.

    D:! SO CUTE

  • SO CUTE!

    What sort of cam do you use to get him so close-up? Also, I can’t remember this, but is he a lab? (Man – this makes me want a pup something awful…)

  • Todd

    Does he still have puppy breath? I loves me some puppy breath.

  • I’m a tad confused, I must admit. I stumbled upon an MSNBC web site about “blog,” which until now, I had never heard of, even though I had apparently read web sites that constituted “blog,” from my limited understanding of this. I had the fortune (?) of finding a link, from them, to your web site ( about blog, and as I recall, they were discussing, on the MSNBC site, how you lost your job due to what you’d posted on your web site, etc. My only question is this: why such a web site, “blog” or not, at all? What is the motivation, the purpose, the incentive? I ask most sincerely, and hope you will be so kind as to enlighten me. Sincerely, Robert Meek, Loris, South Carolina

  • Bill

    Aside to Bob Meek of South Carolina (very nice, esp. Charleston and the surrounding area): Someone with whom I am very, very familiar wrote, half in jest: we are writers. artists. it’s in our blood. we can’t NOT write. if we do not express ourselves, we wither and die. it’s entirely possible you cannot understand this. i accept that. and forgive.

    Corny, but true. And then some are just exhibitionists or old, unemployed strippers.

  • I can’t believe that’s an actual animal…looks like a little doggy doll! Glad to see you back, by the way.

  • he is precious. baby animals are the cutest. aww, i want a puppy.

  • Nix

    Awww… cute pup!

  • Robert – read Ariel’s article (linked above).

  • I just got an email from Chuck wanting to know if he could come visit me. As I’m sure you’ve leaned, it is impossible to turn him down, so please see to it that he arrives safely, and soon. Thank you.

  • Learned. You’ve learned. Let’s leave the leaning to Jordan Catalano.

  • I’m glad to see DOOCE is back! Oh, and the puppy is cute too.

  • Ciao, e sono contento di rivederti.

  • I luv him..he’s so totally adorable.

  • ex southern babtist

    He’s still that small? I figured he would be huge by now. Consider yourself lucky…good to see that your back up and running again

  • good lookin’ pup! i know of a black lab that would love to play!
    daily jack

    how old is chuckles now?

  • kgjbnme

    Viva La Dooce! I’m so glad you’re back — and I love, love, love Chuckles the dog.

  • mfnidjkhngkh

    he is such a cute put i luv him

  • Anonymous

    he is so…….so………….. cute

  • samantha manago

    its the cuties puppy every.

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