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I Don’t Know if You Knew This or Not, But…

  • Welcome back Dooce & Jon.

  • moose

    Oh my God, so you do.

    You okay?

  • If you like to spend time with nature, it looks like you’re pretty well placed.

  • kgjbnme

    Two things: 1)I used to live on the moon (Wichita Falls, TX), and I now know you can make your own fun. Enjoy yourselves. 2)When my cousin was a kid, 40 years or so ago, she spent time in Jamaica for her dad’s job. The English-trained schoolteacher was teaching U.S. geography, and pointed to “Uttahh” on the map. Cousin says, helpfully, “No, it’s pronounced “You-tah,” teach screams, “No, it’s Uttahh, you stupid girl!” and kicked her out of class for the day.

    Just thought I’d share.

  • Well…I knew the posts were gonna get a lot less interesting…I just didn’t expect it to happen THAT FAST.

  • Wayne

    You know when you crossed the border you autmatically became pregnant. When’s the baby due?

  • RHET3577

    We’re talking about this site in our class right now. About Heather Hamilton posting stuff about coworkers. Cool huh?

  • RHET3577

    We’re talking about this site in our class right now. About Heather Hamilton posting stuff about coworkers. Cool huh?

  • I wonder how long the liquor and coffee will last… that is, if they didn’t get confiscated already!

  • Great skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah is best experienced on skis

  • Kris

    … have you let the Relief Society know? They could bring you green jello salad and those yummy potatoes made with hash browns, sour cream and cream of mushroom soup.
    Oh! And just think, you live near Donny AND Marie now. Lucky.

  • Utah? I’ve been there. Scary place.

  • eh, seems i’m in the minority…but welcome home anyway. if it’s not the right thing, you’ll find out soon enough. in the meantime, congratulations!

  • animal

    yeah, you do!


    thats nice. some of the comments on this post make my ass hurt.

  • Michael

    I’d like to beat every other Jew in Utah and say, MAZEL TOV!

  • let’s do lunch!

    or better yet…let’s shake the whole god forsaken town!

  • well, after my time in Utah and with Mormons in my life and almost marrying one… I’ve finally decided that even though they are nice and super smiley on the outside–just scratch the surface away and you find opression, denial and A LOT of fear… Utah itself is beautiful though… try to go to Goblin valley if you can–it’s amazing! 🙂

  • I say that to myself every single day. In any case, welcome back.

  • Stay calm. Be brave. Wait for the signs.

  • yeah those damn mormons are terrible, terrible thugs. i hear they’re watching this site to track all you denouncers. watch out.

  • Fleeglethorpe

    Uhm, where should we send the Jell-o molds?

  • not being a US citizen i dont have any witty Utah comments to make, but i hope Chuck is doing alright.

  • georgeloveschuck

    Let’s go get a drink! oh…wait…
    We miss you!!

  • well, your parking space in LA is in good hands, i can assure you. much happiness to you both in your new life. (sorry.)

  • Don’t you love it when people leave annoying strung comments like such as above that eat yoru site?

  • Inez

    My sympathies.

  • God

    Welcome back, my child.

  • It could be worse. You could be living in Midland, TX like me. *shudder*

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