A Very Merry Christmas

Chuck totally wanted me to dress him up in a jaunty bow and ribbon. I didn’t even have to bribe him with cheese and bacon-flavored biscuits to get him to sit still for these portraits, not at all.

Jon and I will be spending the next several days in various corners of the Salt Lake City area, giving homemade gifts to The Family Units, listening to 4-yr old boys whine so loudly that they sound like an adult immitating a 4-yr old boy whining, picking out the walnuts in the holiday fudge and slipping them to Chuck under the table (Jon is so going to kill me for this), singing and screaming and trying not to fall asleep during the reading of the nativity story as written in several parts of the New Testament.

Have a wonderful holiday, forgive your family, and drink whiskey. See you next year.