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Utah Isn’t So Bad Sometimes

  • I don’t mean to be a jerk, but putting songs up is a good way to kick the shit out of your bandwidth limit isn’t it?

  • i’ve got gobs of gigs.

  • By the way, the picture of your dog’s silhouette out the window is my favorite out of the pictures.

  • Wow. You have an amazing eye for taking the most captivating photos.

  • I’ll say Utah isn’t so bad… beautiful pictures!!! 🙂

  • Photo-phabulous!

  • Who knew nowhere could be so beautiful. You have officially made me want to visit Utah… which feels strange, even to type.

  • I want to kiss the Former Congressman oon the head and rub his tummy, in the worst way.

  • galt (reluctantly)

    yeah, utah’s pretty cool. i guess. i wish i had a sunset like that, all pink and splashy on a mountain. I couldn’t even color that with all the cray. ons. in my big ol’ box.

  • See, there ARE some benefits to living in the Air-Waste-Dump/Air-Pollution capitol of the earth.

    Those are incredible pix, Dooce.

  • Sprite

    I gotta know: what kind of camera do you use? Even with the nifty photoshop tricks, my pictures never look that amazing. Yours are always so clear and wonderful!

  • Dude, Jason Lee all the way. Sorry.

  • LK

    i love the last photo of chuck. his beautiful eyes make me want to cry.

  • Very nice photos. And good choice on the music.

  • monkeypeaches


  • spectacular photos. nothing better than dooce with gobs of gigs.

    i think i need to do a climbing trip out there again soon. the sky out there is simply amazing. like you colored it all with giant cray-ons. or are we done with that discussion now?

  • Irk


  • Thanks for the bitchin’ endorphin rush!

  • Pretty pictures! What’d you take ’em with?

  • Uh-oh…point of the mountain. Please, please, please, please don’t tell me you’re living in the land of Provotians!

    Nice pics — nothing beats a Salt Lake sunset.

  • That’s real purty.

  • gorgeous! i’ve been wishing i could take a mountain vacation this year, but *sigh* it’s not going to happen.

  • J-Me

    Interpol. Nice choice. oh, nice pics too.

  • Wow. Utah is beautiful.

  • re: no. 7

    She’s baaa-aack!

    Nice, all round.

  • I fucking love that song. I wanna be indie!?! (Um, but would that mean I’d have to give up my J-Lo obsession???)

  • The last picture gives me figurative buckets of warm chocolately goodness.

  • Oh, and my favorite pics are #8 & #11 – each of one of your babes. I love people (or dog) picture subjects.

  • Goddamit, dooce, you consistenly post the best friggin songs. Since, like, forever. Rockit! Oh, and the pictures are awful pretty, too.

  • Your Scrumptious Bearded Husband looks hell of a lot like Jason Lee.

  • kath

    Unbelievable! The colors! The Former Congressman silhouette–that’s a geometric marvel. And I am irrationally obsessed with that first hangglider photo. I can’t stop looking at it. What is that bulgy spot on the right side? Did you delete a UFO?

  • kath: actually, it’s a drop of water on the windshield of our truck. it is kinda spooky, huh?

  • beautiful pics. great song. love the one of chuck out the window.

  • What type of camera do you have? GORGEOUS pics…

  • Am loving all these, especially the parachuters.

    And yep, he is scrumptious.

  • Sam

    that all looks so wonderfully familiar.

  • tfm

    I like that song. What band is that? What album?

  • When I dream a heaven, it’s not that different from my everyday. I don’t usually stumble till I see pictures like the ones above.

    It’s then that Heaven ain’t right necessarily and all my visions of truth and beauty are neither. I’m left staring past a sink full of dirty dishes out into an evening, dull gray as a seagull eye.

  • What’s with the all the “what kind of camera” questions? The reason they’re beautiful is that Dooce has the eye; great images are made by great photographers, not great cameras. Delightful as always.

  • That is just gorgeous. I will be out in the land of Mormons (why did I feel the need to capitalize that?) this weekend to ski and see the family. Hopefully much more of the ski part. They have yet to convert me, but they do send a pair of boys on bicycles in bad suits by at least once a year to try… I find giving them a rootbeer and the sports scores derails them just enough keep them off my back! Also -Chuck is wondermous. You must be so proud

  • cool pics, choice of song, and pumas.

  • the band: interpol.
    the album: turn on the bright lights.

    the song ol’ dutch put up is only – literally – 1/11th as awesome as the whole cd.

  • you have great light

  • Sprite

    Xanthan – yes, the photos are amazing because of the photographer(s), but there is something to be said about the photo quality. My camera certainly doesn’t take pictures that clear, so I was simply wondering what kind Dooce has.

  • shy

    i love the second last one. almost a greenish hue. right out of x-files! especially with that white, blurry spot. looks like a ufo. i dig it, dooce.

  • They are stunning. My fave is the first one of the hangliders, too.

    Looks a bit like the camera might be a Leica.
    The focusing is gorgeous. Is it a soft focus filter?

  • And that song is so fantastic, I’m severely contemplating getting the album. Thanks for the tip.

  • Wow, fuzzy glowy Photoshop-y effect in full force!

  • the camera is a Nikon Coolpix 990, operated with a lot of love and while slightly inebriated.

  • Love the song, thanx for the mp3! And as usual, fantastic photos.

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