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Utah Isn’t So Bad Sometimes

  • beautiful life you got there heather. very very nice. um, i think i still owe you that lifesize cardboard britney. i’ll go and steal it immediately.

  • Jen

    Man, I had a pretty shitty/hectic day at work and by chance I check out your site tonight, and MY GOD. How utterly relaxing. Thank you for sharing those fabulous images!

  • Hey. I don’t have anything stupid to say because those pictures are actually really cool.


  • lee

    Chuck looks contemplative in his first two.

  • I’ve been to Utah. While parts are pretty, it still sucks.

  • KT

    Dooce –
    If you haven’t already heard of these bands, I think you will really love ’em.
    1. The Postal Service (with a member of death cab for cutie) – they have an ep and full length that just came out. The ep really kicks ass though, because The Shins and Iron & Wine do covers of a couple of their songs. (The Shins and Iron & Wine are also band you should check out if you haven’t heard)
    2. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists – So rad. So rad.

  • God, that first one is gorgeous. It makes me ache.

  • Red

    I want a Dooce cd mix

  • freshgroundpepper

    Red: check out the “Leaving Los Angeles” post in the archives for a track list a dooce cd mix. The links are broken, but the titles/artists are there. I burned it to a disc myself, very very excellent choices. (plus I never knew how much I loved the song bootylicious).

  • Anonymous


  • Glad to see that your hair is no longer septic tank poopy red..

  • pd

    This is by far, the best Nissan commericial I’ve ever seen…simply gorgeous. 🙂

  • David: Go get the album. Now!
    Red: Amen!

  • nice glowy fuzzy pics. great hair color(s), too. very nice.

  • why do i have the soundtrack for KOYAANISQATSI going thru my head???? hmmm.

  • KT: not that you asked my opinion, but i really thought that the Postal Service full-length was rather boring. Gibbard’s part was fine, but the electronic stuff made me want to pluck my eyeballs out. But I see your Iron & Wine and raise you a Hot Hot Heat.

  • rocket

    Scrumptious Bearded Husband is dreamy…

  • Way to go on doctoring them pics. You should work for Playboy.

    ps. Call Nissan. You’ve got the background for their next magazine ad.

  • drunkn otter

    Interpol is on kcrw at 11AM this morning. Catch it on the website. Bye.

  • Los Feliz freak

    Great pics, Dooce. Just saw Interpol here in LA last week at the Henry Fonda Theater. It’s now being booked by Spaceland so every week we’ve had great shows. Guess I’m just tormenting you now that you’re in Utah.

  • Los Feliz freak


    Work on Ted Leo! His new record is really good, but “Tyranny of Distance” is one of my favorites of 2001.

  • Los Feliz freak

    WORD on Ted Leo. Jeez. That’s what I get for trying to be all retro-street.

  • I just finished reading your about section and laughing my head off. Oh and I love your photos today too. Your dog rocks! 😉

  • Oh man, how much am I itching to be one of these guys?! Sighh, babysteps.

    I’ll be out there hitting the flats with a kite buggy this summer.

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