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Leta Frog

  • Karen Rani

    Awww – she is a sweetie pie! Our 6 year old also went out tonight with a freakin’ snowsuit under his costume! Gotta love snow – I’m in Canada and it was cold here…

  • hell, marie, i think that picture made MY ovaries skip a beat.

    almost makes me wanna be a dad.


    keep up with the pooping and screaming and squaking stories to help counter that urge.

  • I hate to tell you, but the time change issue doesn’t get any better, and mine are 12, 11, 8 and five. They ALL woke up this morning and I found them staring at me before 6 am. Sucks.

  • Fahrvergnugen

    Froggie! What a joyous little amphibian you have living with you!

    When do we get to see the rest of Chuck’s outfit?

  • Fahrvergnugen

    Don’t mind me, I’m a dumbass. I saw Chuck’s “Squawk” get-up. How can you stand to live surrounded by so much adorability?

  • Carla Beth

    Here in Ashland, Oregon the whole town celebrates Halloween. We had a town parade down East Main. Heaps of fun! The parents seemed to be more into dressing up than the kids. Lots of cute kids, but no frog babies. Tonight downtown turns into an outdoor monster mash. Wild, crazy, totally hippy Ashland.

    Wishing I had a family to dress up with,


  • April

    Leta is too cute!

    I meant to post this on the Chuck picture, but I was too late. You’re not the only freak who likes to torture her dog!

  • sab

    Everytime I see a picture of Leta’s smiling face, I want to come over and give her a BIG hug!

    She looks too cute for words.

    Happy Halloween Armstrong Family!

  • Mir

    So so so so SO cute. So cute she apparently made me stutter.

  • heather

    you got that at the Gap didnt ya lol i got the same thing for my godaughter here in park city

  • Liz

    Awwwww! That is just perfect! And Chuck looks adorable in his costume, too. I hope you had a perfectly wonderful Halloween!

  • Is it me or is Halloween one of the best days of the year to be a parent?

  • PRECIOUS! She is so cute!!!!

  • Jena

    Honest to God, I could eat your child.

  • HEY! My 3-year-old, Gus, was the EXACT SAME OLD NAVY FROG! Only bigger. Love those costumes.

  • MrsDoF

    Hey Carla Beth (comment 56) A family is not necessary to dress for Halloween. When I was growing up, my favorite house to visit was an old-maid Librarian who did the greatest spooky costumes. If we didn’t know the house, I would not have known it to be her. She only gave out one small piece of candy because so many people came by for the drama and the sound effects. No one seems to be that cool anymore, not even me.

  • That smile! She knows she’s adorable. Thank you for sharing her!

  • come on

    would you people come up with some original comments already? the words “cute”, “adorable” and “eat your baby” just aren’t as effective the 45th time around.

  • collective froggy aww

  • PMSL @ Susan (“you know, they eat frogs… in FRANCE!!!!”)

    I hope you and DJ Blurb used Chuck the duck (?) and Leta the frog to gain much Halloween loot!

  • Yeah, cute costumed babies = candy bait. Enjoy it while you can; the older ones like to selfishly keep all the candy for themselves. And they don’t let you pick their costumes for them, either. The nerve!

    Of course, you’ll always be able to dress Chuck.

  • Usually it ain’t easy being green, but Leta is the exception not the rule.

  • I don’t know about you but I think that she has that grin smile because she is thinking:
    “Laugh now, you dumbass parents, you will see when i grow up and when u grow old… THEN I will dress you in frog costumes!”
    grin grin grin

  • Danika

    I agree with Come On. People! Be original!

    and then I am not going to be all original either… Awwww! Duh! OF COURSE she’d be a frog!

  • Liv

    That smile!! She looks adorable!

  • Leta looks like she’s erupting in the deliciously evil cackle of a kid who’s just pooed in her diaper after mommy finally wrestled her into the frog outfit. Heh.

    Happy Hallowe’en, Dooce and family!

  • Aw, this is absolutely the cutest picture I’ve ever seen of Leta.

  • I wat. To eat her.

    So where is Chuck, I want to see what that dog thong with wings was!

  • What a cute face she’s making.

    And, you could always move to Arizona or Hawaii if you hate daylight savings. Or parts of Indiana.

  • kim

    happy halloween! man, she’s is supercute. and i would like to see what’s up with chuck and the wings, too. pretty please…

  • Kano

    What is with all you freaks that want to eat children?

  • Dez

    Yay Frogbaby!!!!

    The Chuck pictures, like another commenter yesterday, made me flap and make very strange noises. My significant other thought I was having some bizarre seizure.

  • Anyone else take a while to realize that the the thumbnail for Chuck’s outfit and the thumbnail for Leta’s outfit, were not leading to the same photo?

    Super cuteness dooce. Did you actually take her out trick or treating, or did she just hang out at your front door and spook everyone?

  • lily

    awww how cute! she looks absolutely adorable, especially how she looks like she’s wrinkling her nose 🙂

  • Aww, my little guy is about to turn two. He was Batman this year. Leta certainly wins in the gorgeous category. She looks like a fun and happy froggy.

    Best wishes.

  • cee

    She seems to agree!!! What a cute expression!! =)

  • Aurelia

    She is so darn cute!

  • post



    one is not enough. i know you have more. why you holdin’ out, yo?

  • alex

    There is no way she could have been anything more adorable!!! What a face! Happy Halloween!
    Can’t wait for next years costume….

  • Em

    Oh, the CUTENESS! She looks like a very happy frog too. Happy 1st Halloween, Leta! I bet your mama is gorging on candy as we speak.

  • Susu

    There has never been a better picture than this.

  • beachgal

    The picture of Chuck and Leta were just awesome. Thanks so much for sharing their cuteness. My little guy was a duck. It was his first Hallowe’en and he had no idea why he was up past his bedtime, outside with the neighbors and walking around to all these people’s houses. But we think he had fun, and everyone loved him, even though they thought he was a GIRL, for crying out loud. I think we’ll omit that part of the story when we tell him about his first Trick or Treating.

    Post more pics, please!

  • Wonderful costumes! The Leta Frog is perfect, and I’ve never seen anything like what Chuck is wearing. 🙂

  • red


    look at her little teeth!!

  • Joe

    I have to agree on the stupidity of DST. If you don’t want to waste the sunlight, gosh. Get up an hour earlier.

  • Joan

    You make me laugh….almost as much as my new puppy does.

  • allison

    i have to get pregnant. TODAY.

  • Sven

    There should be more limb dick pictures.

  • I love daylight savings. It makes my boring life just a little bit interesting…not remembering to change the clocks then realize that I need to…for those few moments it gives me a purpose in life.

  • Sven

    Or limP, if you may.

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