An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Bipolar baby, sweet little lady, driving me crazy

Yesterday Leta and I had a big day full of doctor’s appointments and cheddar cheese goldfish. I had scheduled her physical therapy appointment after her first nap and her nine-month check-up after her second nap because I wanted her to be rested and in good…

November 10, 2004


I know I am a sad old hag of a mother when I find myself thinking about what else I can store or pack away in the best invention in the entire world, THE ONE-GALLON ZIPLOC STORAGE BAG. I want to get naked and roll…

Confessions, Vol I.

1. I find men in headlamps irresitably sexy. 2. I have a crush on Norm Abram and Tom Silva. 3. Per number 2, I watch “This Old House” in slow motion with my tongue pressed against the screen. 4. Jon is growing out the beard…

Beautiful Blonde Outlet

I don’t know who this woman is. But she was dressed as an outlet, and her husband was dressed as a plug. And I really liked her smile.