Angels are coming to visit the earth

This morning in the Armstrong household we celebrated the Mormon Hymnal Recitation Bonanza. It sounds pretty fancy, I know, I know, but really, I hate to get you all excited because all it entailed was Leta sitting in the highchair staring blankly at me as I shouted “The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning” and Jon hunched over the counter about to fall over from his cold and sinus infection. I thought a little “WE’ll SING AND WE’LL SHOUT! Like the arr–arrr meees of hea aaaa aaaa ven, HOSANNA!” might brighten the mood a little bit.

I was wrong.

When I got to the part at the end of the song where it goes, “Henceforth and forever, AMEN AND AMEN,” Chuck started jumping up on me, as if that were a signal for treats. HOSANNA! Treats! Treats are coming!

And I was like, “Stupid dog. THE LORD IS COMING.”