This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Merry Christmas Eve… FROM MY BUTT!

  • elli


  • Looks like Santa got his Christmas present early!

  • Mary

    perhaps first 🙂
    cutely clenched cheeks, Heather, and Merry Christmas !

  • Zak

    Does this qualify as naughty or nice?

  • Actually, I got my christmas present early. I knew the millisecond after I took this, that it would be seen by the world.

    I’m gonna say it, because it’s true: You have a great butt!

    I love you, Heather!

  • ali

    wow im here early.

    anyway… LOL

  • Lele

    I’m first??!!

  • Sasha

    Ran out of pictures?

  • dooce – I like your ass!
    I mean I like your miniature donkey! No, I mean I like your ass!

    Danielle! Re: your comment yesterday.

    Black bows come on nice packages. Err, you can find black bows tied on packages. Umm, Good things come in black bows. I can’t make this sound like I am not a perv.

    How bout these presents with black bows on?

    *There, I did it*

  • heh. that cracked me up.
    oh wait. bad pun.

  • Alex

    I wonder if I am 9th…. lol…. I agree husband…. nice but!!!… rrrrrrrr!

  • R

    Merry Christmas Dooce and Family

  • Merry Christmas, Dooce’s BUTT, Leta’s scrumptious cheeks, Jon’s scruptious beard, and CHUCK’S ASS!

  • Ha! My husband has the same fixation, only with my ass, not yours. Half of our photos from our honeymoon are of my ass. (We each had a camera and he was most compelled by my bum.)

  • Sheryl

    ” Say it to my ass, bitch! ”

    Merry Christmas Dooce et al!

  • I hope your butt has a very merry Christmas, too! 🙂

  • most excellent! :o)
    Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas Eve to your butt too! LOL!
    Okay, my hubby does the same thing. I opened up the folder to my son’s 6th birthday party and there, smack dab in the middle of the innocent faces of little boys, was my ass. Nice.

  • My god, I wish my ass looked that great doing a bendy/squatty thing in jeans.

    I’m jealous.

    Merry Christmas, Armstrongs!

  • Bad pun time, but as it’s Christmas, my comment on this pic will be:


    Merry Christmas, Blurbodoocery!!!

  • Great laugh this morning, thank you!

    You totally look like you are doing something completely perverted to Santa. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks that because this is one sick group. 😉

    Merry Christmas to the Dooce family and I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful time!

  • As we say in the UK, “Christmas, my arse!”

  • From this side I would definitely say that Jon is a very blessed man.

    Merry (or Mary, for Big Gay Sam) Christmas to all the butts in Dooceland.

  • jon i SWEAR i’m not being creepy here, but heather, i have girlfriends who would have sold their first born to have stayed that thin after having their first born.

  • Ashik

    It does look a bit like you’re going to hop right on top of Santa and show him a grand ole time – you wild thang!
    Motherhood is having an interesting effect, eh?

  • Merry Christmas Heather, Jon, Leta and Chuck! I hope the next year brings you nothing but happiness and love. Your family deserves nothing but the best. You are beautiful in every way. Apparently, even your ass is!

  • sab

    nice butt….you guys are awesome…merry christmas eve!

  • sam

    Woo hoo! Dooce butt!

  • Metro,
    ” Merry Big Gay Sam ” I like it!

    But ” Your husband is a blessed man ” is a major contender.

    Been looking for just the right catch phrase to use instead of the boring but classy ” Merry Christmas ”

  • Danielle

    Girl.A : maybe the one on the right…

    I got all excited with chippendale in the url, and thought “Oh yeah, gotta get me some of _those_ presents in black bows.”


    bummer. but funny.


  • Danielle

    oh, and when I saw the picture I thought of yesterday’s discussion of the reindeer that poops jelly beans and the ass pennies…

    Changing the subject:

    what will tomorrow’s pic be?

    we still haven’t seen the ceramic santas…

    And then there is the desire expressed by many for a pic that has in one frame:
    Leta, Chuck, _and_ George!

    or will it be Leta playing with wrapping paper?


    what if it were dooce, Jon, Leta, Chuck and George? with the ceramic santas around them? I think I’d pass out.

  • Santa Baby… Hurry down the chimney tonight…

    Merry Christmas Heather, Jon, Leta, Chuck, and of course George.

  • That pic reminds me of my favorite Christmas song: A-holey Night.

  • lol

  • Julie

    Just the best!

  • ha ha ha ha!

  • Niiiiice

  • my butt says merry christmas right back at you.

  • The kid must be heavy if a full on sqaut is required to lift her from Santas lap.

  • me? I’m a nobody


    in response to Zak, comment #4: it depends which side of the Santa you’re on.

  • Julia

    Way to bend with your knees!

  • Dr Fever, thanks for the giggle. You never let us down. (As I was typing “let us”, I fat-fingered “lust” instead. Freudian fat fingers?)

  • THAT is the only way to say it!!

  • Lisa

    Wish I had a butt that looked that good in jeans…Merry Christmas Dooce and Family…..

  • Kiki in Wisco’

    What kind of jeans are those? They look great.

  • Moms’ll do anything to make sure their kids are on the nice list – even free lapdances!

    Merry Merry all.

  • Ha, me too Dr. Fevah.
    Everything I came up with was way too pervy and stalkerish.

    ” I want to bend Mommy over Santa Claus ” is the only one printable here.

  • That’s what you had to do in order to get Leta out of the hostage situation?

    That bad santa.

  • Heather, you look great. No kidding.

    And that is one freakin’ HUGE Santa chair.

    Merry Christmas Dooce, Jon, Leta, Chuck, and all the Dooce fans.

    God bless,

  • Merry Christmas Eve, Heather’s Butt.