An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Zing Zing Zingbah says, “Happy New Year!”

  • Kat

    You make me sick.

    (Just kidding, happy new years!)

  • madison

    wow, first?

  • shy

    that’s a scary looking thing.

  • Karen

    That is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Right back atcha. Wheeeee!

  • Buh

    happy new year!!!

  • AM


  • Lisa

    Wow I’m in the top ten…

    That is one scary looking um, thing, what the heck is it supposed to be anyway?!?

  • Fiona

    Cute! Where’s the purple one?

  • pao

    that’s a funny looking toy. what is it? happy new year, heather. 🙂 and to chuck, jon, and leta too.

  • Oh my gosh. I saw one of those at Target yesterday. They’re creepy! 😛

  • That thing scares me.

  • Kathleen

    I’m not sure which is worse. That thing, or the Limbo Elmo someone gave our 2-year-old.

  • Annecat

    Happy New Year Dooce – may it bring nothing but happiness to you and your family!

    Pimpled penis indeed…scary 😉

  • We were at Target yesterday & I squeezed one of those. It’s really creepy how they come up out of their little neck sac. Way too phallic. Oh well, at least you get your own, uh, time when these creatures are on tv. 😉 Happy New Year from Kansas City!

  • Danielle


    Man, those eyes are something else. And the weird hands… guess they only get to have 3 semi-fingers; guess they are tridactyl.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I hope that 2005 is even better than 2004 for all of you.

  • Happy New Year Everyone. Enjoy the day.

  • Yesterday I passed an entire aisle of those in Target, and I squeezed every single Boobah’s right hand until the whole store was filled with the Satanic sounds of Boobah. Because I’m evil like that. (insert villainous laugh) MUHUHUHUHUHAHAHA!

  • you never where you are with the boohbahs, innit.

  • So that’s what BooBah looks like! You’re right it (he? she? Bueller?) looks just like a penis! LOL

  • Unlike mickey mouse, who only has 4 fingers.

    Guess Mickey is a step up from Zing Zing Zingbah.

  • That’s so sad – it has ghonorrea. What a way to start the New Year.

  • who the hell came up with the idea of multi-colored penises that propel themselves around using farts anyway? i just knew all us kids who grew up in the 1980’s would one day get back at society with something like this.

  • SEK

    My son completely freaked out and starting crying when he saw one of those the other day, but I’m glad Leta likes it.

    Happy New Year!

  • At first glance, I thought it was some kind of Play-Doh pleasure toy. We don’t do Boobah in this here house.

  • kate

    i have a 14 month old…and i’m only too familiar with the wacky- scary-world of boombah…and the story people…
    i have been brain washed…and can recite all the small catchy phrases…
    soooooo scary…
    look what i can do…

    happy new year…
    why do 14 month olds wake up so early…every morning…even the day after new year’s..?
    riddle me that…

  • midwifegoddessannie


  • Yikes, a pimply dick with eyes!

    (That thing makes me so glad my kid is seven.)

  • Jennifer

    Ohmigod that might be the scariest children’s toy ever! Glad it makes Leta happy.

    Happy new year!

  • GOsh this thing is ugly! It resembles blotched cucumber yukkk
    i wonder how kids like this

  • susanna

    thanks for keeping us all laughing Heather. What would we housebound moms do without you?

  • tickled

    Aaak! A pox on its penile little head!

  • Last night I dreamed I’d start 2005 with good wishes from an orange uncircumsized penis, and look what I get!

    Happy New Year, Zing Zing Zingbah!

  • Happy New Year to you all, Dooce!


    That’s creepy with a capital CREEP.

  • That is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. But, if it keeps the little one from screaming and distracts her long enough for you to convene the procedure, then I guess it has its purpose in life. Happy New Year!

  • I just realized that Mickey Mouse is going to be the grand marshal at the Tournament of Roses parade starting in a couple of minutes.

    Now, do you think there will be a Boobah float to tie all of the weirdness together?

    hmmmmm… somehow I doubt it.

    but it would be strange if that did happen. almost as strange as dreaming about Boobah, Beth. 😉

  • bb

    I have no idea what the craze with that is..

  • I just spent entirely too long on It sucked me in…

  • Booh bahs are freaking creepy. They Looks like weenies. Happy New Year 😀

  • I got one of those Hallmark “Wish You a Merry Christmas” snowmen. I open to suggestion on what to do with it.

  • i meant, you never know where you are with the boohbahs, innit. (see what i mean?)

    it’s no surprise that the boohbahs are from the same people behind the teletubbies…

  • Kahli

    Penile allergy?

    Happy New Year and buenos dias to all those managing and staffing and subscribing to the Blurbodoocery!


    And to anybody in the Salt Lake Metro Area whom (whom)has a drunk looking snow angel in your yard.

    Sorry, that was me… sooooo lame she is, so lame.

    I have no idea how many I slobbered on the neighborhood…

    All the best of the 05 to all y’all.

    Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee… I love you….

  • Almost as scary as Furbies!

  • syd

    I bought my 9 month old neice the same exact toy. She loved it as much as we did. Especially when it made the farting sound. It may be scary and weird but the babe’s sure do like it 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • And I thought teletubbies were evil when they came out. They ain’t nothin’.

    I am soo glad I don’t have cable right now. SO GLAD.

    And I’m also quite glad my three year old doesn’t know there’s a Limbo Elmo out there to BUY. It’s bad enough she interrupts my valuable internet time to play the damn game on

    Have a boobah-free 2005, to those who wish it. To those who use it as a distraction for your wee one so you can go have sneaky boobah sex, have a boobah-filled 2005.

  • Kathryn

    Goddamm, that is not what I want to see when finally rousing myself after a night of vomitting, New Years Eve style. And why why why must it have warts all over its face??

  • Zing Zing needs to go get those genital warts burnt off.

  • Happy New Year!
    We have no Boombahs in our house (and am happy, as they seem sort of like a creepy toy that would come to life in a 1980’s movie), but we do get roused every morning by a dancing Elmo. So it’s a draw.

  • These things may scare an entire generation of females away from the male genitalia. Yikes!

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • Oh God, it DOES look like an uncircumsized penis!


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