Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Zing Zing Zingbah says, “Happy New Year!”

  • Kiss my ass, you little orange bastard!

  • Sara from WI

    Do I detect a pile of new Fisher Price plastic toys in the background? They’ll look so nice in your living room!

  • Scary.

    It looks like someone made a toy out of a sesame seed bun.

  • jm

    OHG! WTF??!

    This SO proves the ethological theory that humans are drawn to creatures with unusually large eyes below the midline of a large rounded head shape. (Yes, I am a Social Psychology geekess.) Because I cannot explain kids’ attraction to this…um…thing in any other way.

    I wonder what other whacked out characters someone could make that have the “large eyes” list of characteristics going on. Hmmm. I’m no artist, but I’m getting out my sketchpad…

  • GMM

    As if it has human-like eyes. How creepy. Happy New Year!!

  • If we’re looking at Boobah, does that mean you’re up to what I think you’re up to?

  • And it’s Tennessee orange… I’ll bet it makes a lot of annoying sounds, too.

  • i think it looks like a penis because all those parents are having sex during the show…

  • My friend bought the pink one for her two year old son (the obligatory STD jokes were made about it, of course.) Every time I go over to their house, I hear “Erin! Bee boo! Erin! Bee BOOOO!” and that fucking toy will go flying past my head.

    He also thinks that Teletubbies are a branch of “Bee Boo,” perhaps some distant cousins. Man.

  • Julie


    Must remove my eyeballs and scrub them clean.

  • I look at that figurine and I think to myself that some demented children’s television programmer was looking at his own unit and he said, “Hey! That would make a great PBS show!”

  • I’m surprised you and Jon can actually have sex while those things are dancing around your television screen. That’d totally turn me off.

  • I guess it’s no worse than most of us watching HR Puff-n-stuff or Fragle Rock when we were little. What about those Seseme Street charachters, I think they were aliens, that only moved around and said “meep, meep, meep, meep”? Those were about as scary.

  • Miguel

    Where’s Leta? I wanted to see Leta
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Those things scare me!

  • Scott – You may be right. Thank God that we’re memebers of the Sesame Street generation and not the Boobah generation. I don’t need any more challenges in my love life.

  • Metro – Word. However, it may come in handy for when you actually don’t want to go out with a woman and don’t know how to turn her down nicely. Just whip out your Boobah and the girl will run screaming for the hills.

    I picture a scene like this somewhere in the future:

    Girl: “I just can’t! It looks like a Boobah.”

    Guy: “Would it help if it wasn’t Orange?”

    Girl: “I just can’t stop seeing those freaky eyes staring at me.”

    Guy: “Damn you Boobah. Khhhhaaaaaannnnnn!”

  • e

    hmmm, seeing that gives me the sudden urge to participate in the procedure 😉

  • you know, i feel qualified in saying this because i have no children, but my friend does. and what i think is that kids are always going to be fascinated with brightly colored things that move and make weird/interesting noises. i base this BRILLIANT THEORY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN THOUGHT OF BEFORE on my friend’s kid, who is absolutely fascinated by the daft punk “around the world” video. you could parade two tons of ice cream and a dancing clown in front of her: she will not be shaken from that video. i hope this means she’ll become a cool indie director one day, and not a heroin addict or something.

  • Scott – Then again, this just might be a subliminal way to make the ladies a little more comfortable with Litte Richard: “It kind of reminds me of my favorite toy when I was a little kid…”

  • reh

    Boohbah is the Hebrew word for doll. It is totally not okay for them to give a Hebrew name to an uncircumcised penis. That is all.

  • Jena

    Leta looks a little funny today…



  • lol that really cracks me up, Dooce.

  • Seajay

    We got our son the yellow one. He stared at it for a bit and then reached over and poked it.

    Happy new year!

  • It’s the Pooka Monster!

  • Kids do seem to love the craziest toys. I got my niece a Whoozit for Xmas. Everyone thought it looked like a scary clown, but she loves it! I will have to look into a Boohbah toy for her next gift.

    Happy New Year Dooce!

  • I hope that large orange uncircumcised penis thing kept Leta amused for a couple minutes so you and Jon could uhh “ring” in the new year.


  • Holy shit. I never thought anything would make me appreciate Barney, but that thing may well have done it.

  • shy me



  • Look at the fur on that thing! It looks like Richie Cunningham’s crotch.

  • Dear God.

  • George Lover

    Happy New Year to the Dooce family!

  • Boohbah. . .Ribbed for her pleasure. . .

  • Oh there’s a creep in the cellar that I’m gonna let in
    There’s a hole in his brain where his mind should’ve been
    When he starts talkin’ backwards your head starts to spin
    And he really freaks me out when he peels off his skin, yow!
    Oh there’s a creep in the cellar with his hands in the air
    And he lies to his mother but she doesn’t care
    When the fists are flying backwards and the ballroom is bare
    Cause the turkey’s talkin’ backwards, it’ll raise up your hair
    Oh there’s a creep in the cellar that I’m gonna let…in

  • Heather, I found your site this year and have sat here on some nights and read archives until I was laughing so hard I cried. Thanks for putting it out there like it is; the refreshing twists keep me coming back.

    Happy 2005!

  • Ali


    especially when you’re hungover and only on about 3 hours sleep.

  • heavens.

    happy 2005, to all of you.

  • Oh, look. Cowl-neck sweaters are making a comeback. That’s one fashion savvy boohbah.

  • Re: Dr. Johnny Fever said at 11:46AM, 01.01.2005: “Look at the fur on that thing! It looks like Richie Cunningham’s crotch.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Dr. Johnny Fever, living proof that an imagination is a bad and dangerous thing.

  • Mary in Sacramento

    This is some freaky shit… from
    >>The Boohbahs represent the imaginative power and light which allows children to control the screen action by the use of the magic word “Boohbah”, and send presents into an imaginary Storyworld for the Storypeople – Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Brother and Sister, Auntie and Little Dog Fido to play with and make a story in partnership with them. We hear the children intervening in the screen action by the sound of their blowing and their use of the word “Boohbah”. This motivates the action and moves the story along. Only Little Dog Fido is not wholly in their control!<< I TOLD you they were evil beings set on World Domination, but did anyone listen? Nooooo! Look what happened to poor Grandmamma and Grandpappa and Mrs Lady and Mr Man! Brainwashed!! Death to BoohBah!

  • Those things are so disturbing. Is the television show as odd as the toys?

  • Mr. Man?!
    Boohbah controls THE MAN! Holy shit!

  • Jess

    creepy. just. plain. creepy.

  • Taylor

    That scares the shit out of me but I bought the videos for my friend’s daughter anyways.

  • When the page loaded, my cat was sitting here. She saw that thing and ran!

  • Boooooooooooooooo bah.

    Little Dog Fido!

    I love the fuzzy dancing penises.

    and you, lovely Heather.

    hoorah for Heather and penises!!!

  • Ack! Looks like a tool for teaching kids about the horrors of syphilis.

    “That burning sensation when you pee is in fact NOT your new super-power.”

    Merry New Year to all. And thanks for all of the smiles.

  • My son has that same exact one. BOOOOOH baaaah to you too!

  • Liz

    Eeeek! That thing is creepy!


    Um, and Happy New Year to you too, you strange orange wobbly thingie…

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