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Is this thing on?

  • hahahahh

  • I don’t see a picture. Granted, it is Sunday morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet, so my eyes are a bit blurry.

  • Lisa

    YAY!!! Nice pic!

  • Goser

    I can’t see it

  • huh?

  • Goose

    ok, I see it now. Just thought I’d let you all know cause I’m sure you were worried.
    By the way, your dress is real perty Heather.

  • Now I see it. That’s hilarious. BTW, I had the same orange gerberas in my wedding bouquet (though I paired them with hot pink ones). You have great taste.

  • Cheryl

    I love this picture… it’s moments like that you don’t ever seem to forget!!

  • Cheryl

    Oh– I forgot to ask… your flowers are so beautiful… what kinds are they?

  • That is SUCH a Kodak Commercial.


  • Funny I was just looking at your wedding pics last night. I love Jon’s tie; I too wore tartan on my wedding day. It is a good omen.

  • Susie

    You crazy kids! That one made me laugh out loud, like the pix of Eli and the kazoo did.

  • Heather, the look on your face looks like you need to take a wedding day dump.

  • This looks more like a confrontation with paparazzi than a tripod adjustment. Just practice for fame, y’all.

  • sab

    nice picture!

  • THAT is the coolest picture ever. I love it. Sell it to bridal magazines. Ha, it looks like you’re handling a drunken wedding guest.

    JOHN: Come on, Uncle Hal, we’ll call you a cab.
    HEATHER: Did you seriously just throw up on my fucking cake?

  • Haha, this is cute. You guys look so confused. 😛

  • Brooke from CT

    WHAT a gorgeous wedding! I’ve been to Yosemite, and always thought what a great wedding spot it would make. You guys are living proof.

  • the niffer

    I love Emily’s mom.

  • ya’ll r such a cute couple.

  • e

    awwww 🙂

  • Love overcame geekiness if only for a moment. Priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • the gerber daisies are perfect

  • Is the wedding story on here somewhere?

  • You guys are so fucking adorable!

  • arielle

    no joke dooce, you have the longest arms i’ve ever seen on a woman. must come in handy for grabbing pop-tarts/doritos whilst remaining in sitting position for operation runway.

  • cee

    excellent! It’s great to have all the blooper photos too!

  • This is a great photo. I always love the odd ones.

  • I want ot hear the story of your wedding dress, Heather. That one has been a LONG time comin’. Don’t you remember? hahaha

  • to hear**

  • These are the pics that we cherish, no? I see the attack of the curling iron !!

  • You look like you’re thinking “Hurry up so I can get the fuck out of this dress.”

  • i wish i could frown and be sexy at the same time like youse too! hee hee.

  • zanna

    “I touch myself”

  • Sarah

    Yes, tell us the story of your dress!

  • Wow, that could be a laundry detergent commercial; you can smell the perplexed freshness.

    So purty.

  • Heh it looks like he opened the secret door to the Wiggles World.

  • RazDreams

    um…are you grabbing yourself? (we all do; it’s okay.)

  • the other Paula

    The two of you look so confused, as if you’re almost saying, “what the hell did we just do?” Very nice pic though, love your dress and flowers.

  • I hope that’s the picture that’s on the fireplace mantle!

  • I thought the pictures were taken by a photographer. Good job tripod!

  • That is such a fab photo. I’d totally frame it and have it up in the house somewhere!

  • Taylor

    When you decide to come out with your own music album, like all celebrities do, this will have to be the cover.

  • Amy

    Awesome distortion..
    Cute, funny, sexy, land-scapey, goofy, arty, beautiful and cool all at the same time: Only you two could pull that off by accident!

  • Janie

    Your expressions really make the picture.

    Gorgeous. And gorgeous background, too.

  • Great Picture! I don’t know why your photo reminded me but, someone sent me a link to a website of Dumb Laws. I thought this was hilarious “Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk. ” this is in the great state of PA. Laughed my ass off!

    It will give you a good laugh!

  • Love the pic! And yes, I second (or third, or whatever) the request to hear the wedding dress story. I remember reading in the archives a promise of a story to come, but never actually the story itself.

    There’s another Ladybug here today! Helloooo!

  • I was first HA! Dooce, I’ve got to admit this is the best pic u’ve ever posted. ANd by the way what have you done to your hair, its awsome 😛

  • LMFAO!!!

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