Here’s a blurry shot of me kissing my lovely daughter so that you will forgive me for the rest of it


Today Beth and I went on a walk and because both of her boys were in preschool she offered, “I can hold your dog for you.”

And then she paused for a moment and continued, “I guess that sounded kind of dirty, didn’t it?”

I only realized a couple days ago that the Jack in the Box book I read to Leta is totally XXX in content:

Here’s a pretty little box.
It has no keys, it has no locks.
But if you give it a little crank (JUST A LITTLE ONE! BE GENTLE!)
It makes a funny clink and clank.
If you crank it all the way (all the way, ALL THE WAY)
You’ll hear the music start to play.
The box pops open, surprise, surprise,
A smiling mouth and great big eyes.
A funny hat and that’s not all (NOPE, NOT BY A LONGSHOT)
A funny body that grows so tall.

Then it goes on to talk about how the children laugh and clap their hands but that is just gross.