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Friends with clean hair

  • Hey… nice photo, it seems like your having a great time 🙂

  • Henryk_DTG051933KFEB05

    Clean hair anf fangs….leading up to a toohpaste or hair shampoo ad?

  • Geezus Terri. I’m sorry. That’s a terrible thing to have to go through.

    I didn’t mean to act like a monkey when you were expressing somthing really meaningful. 🙁

  • When I was 18, I walked in on my mom and her BOYFRIEND. (my parents were divorced, but still) I can’t describe the horror.

    The horror.

  • You look so happy. . . Now I miss my friends.

  • This concludes my 80 comments for the day where I share Way to much onformation. K.

  • Lmao.

    My mom was in Iraq for Desert Storm and my Dad had pornos right next to his bed. And the chick on the cover , yeah I looked at the cover shutup I was snooping, had the SAME.NAME.AS.ME. That is so totally disgusting I think I threw up in my mouth a bit.

  • Terri (110), that is heartbreaking!

  • Mrs. Striz, that reminds me of the time the shower curtain rod fell down while I was showering and BOTH of my parents came in to “rescue” me. I was trying to cover my naked teenage self because, GAH, naked teenage self plus parents DOES NOT MIX. Later my mom gave me the extremely awkward, “You don’t have to be embarrassed around your father” talk. WHAT THE HECK? Who wants to be naked around your parents, like EVER after you begin to dress yourself. Especially MY parents. *Shudder.*

  • Thong tha thong thong thong

  • HEY! I played air cowbell last night! Something’s in the air.

    I think what I’d love best is air tuba.

  • I was thinking that air cello would look pretty strange…

  • not as strange as air trombone

  • strange is your mom telling your dad you wear things. WTF mom. Needless to say he was on the crapper at the time and according to him he burried his face in his hand and just shook his head back and forth.
    You SO wanted to know that didn’t you.

  • yeah, thats just called flipping people off.

  • even better than air finger cymbals?

  • Hey, air cowbell is probably less goofy-looking than air bagpipe. Which is what it looks like when I try to dance, apparently. With the huffing and the puffing and the flapping elbows.

  • Air tamberine is the best. ever.

  • the only time air guitar is acceptable is while jamming The Cars. Which, by default, means that I slam the air guitar whenever Circuit City commercials come on.

  • wait a minute, would anyone accuse me of being a bleach sniffer if I admitted to playing some air cowbell every once in awhile?

  • I miss my best friend, Kendra Lewis, terribly. She unfortunately committed suicide and murdered her 6 year old daughter who was named after me. Depression got the best of her. I have blonde hair and she had red hair. That picture reminds me of us and of wonderful times we had. Sorry, didn’t mean to be depressing. Actually seeing the photo was a good thing – brought back good memories, but sad ones too. God I miss her.

  • Good point Bucky.

    Strizz, I didn’t notice the typo, just the air guitar.

  • Hey, it’s a regular party in here, what with the bleach and the singing and the git-ar.

    Me? Can’t sleep. Hiccups. Wheeeee.

  • And can it be sniffing bleach “again” if she never stopped?

  • Hey I made *one* stinking typo….

  • Strizz, you really got me thinking about song lyrics.

    My all time favorite line-

    We’re livin’ in a powder keg
    And givin’ off sparks.

  • Strizzay- are you sniffin’ bleach again?

  • I didn’t realize that you two knew each other since I’m pretty new to your blog and also to the CrazyUs blog. Two of my favorite blogs tho’! Yes indeed. I must’ve found one blog off the other. Anyway, you both rock! Shiny hair and all.

  • Uh no. I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

    HOWEVER I do feel as though I can hit those Eddie Vedar lows so so well…but of course when the radio is blasting and your alone in the kitchen I guess anyone would sound hot right?

  • I find that when i’m in the car.. umm alone… and the radio or mp3 player is blasting away.. i sound _just_ like whoever is singing.. i swear!! honest!


  • i wish this song was over now

  • Cristin

    heh heh heh MrsS

    can you get your voice to go into those higher octaves like Benetar too?

  • i dont mind you hangin out and talkin in your sleep

    i guess your just what i needed
    i needed some one to feed (?)
    i needed someone to bleed (?)

  • to release my inner fantasssssy


    guitar solo (a bit more bad ass)

  • i dont mind you comin here
    wasting all my time
    cuz when your standing oh so near i kinda lose my mond
    its not the perfume you wear
    its the not the ribbons in your hair

  • guitar solo

  • Your a heartbreaker
    Dream maker
    love taker

  • You know you set my soul on fire
    burnin outta control

    something something

    your the right kinda sinner

  • Teri

    You are both happy and good girlfriends — the best. I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night and think that Heather looks like Kate Winslet.

  • I do spend an unhealthy amount of my workday here at Ahem.

    Lulu- when oh when will you sell me some of your beautiful pottery….whiiiiiine.

  • And which twin has the Toni?

  • Do most people honestly only visit here when they’re supposed to be working? Because this is the most DRASTIC drop in commenting I’ve seen in a while. It hasn’t even hit 100 yet, and it’s EVENING-ish. Most days it hits 100 within an hour of the post.

    Not that I come here a lot or anything.You know.

  • If you 2 fine ladies ever get bored of your stick-in-the-mud spouses, just page the Goonster and I’ll be ready with a room at the Best Western and a variety of exotic and fragrant unguents.

  • holy carp~


  • Where the hell are y’all at? Wake TF up!

  • Good times and good friends! Nice picture.

  • Lisa

    Can you tell who uses Suave, and who uses the “pricey brand”?

  • neat. 🙂

  • holy carp!

    only 80 comments.. youc an tell it’s the weekend!

    I heart friends!


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