We got totally sick in the pow

Today we went snowboarding while Leta went to Joseph Smith Training Camp with Grandmommie. I heard she talked during the passing of the sacrament which is somewhat similar to the passing of the gas. I can barely type because my arms are so sore from having to push myself up after falling over. Jon, expert snowboarder that he is, only fell once and that was totally on accident. He was standing still when it happened.

I fell on my butt, my face, my left hip, my right hip, and any imaginary body part you can come up with. However, unlike other times I have been on the slopes, today I injured no children. Today all the children lived.

We had SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait to show you the pictures and to tell you about how I learned to carve the powder. You should totally believe it when they say, Utah, it has the best snow on Earth.