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  • RazDreams

    can we still post here?

  • My grocery store sells chocolate lucky charms. They are new.

  • Henryk_

    Its either a schen from Starwars……..or some one has a B A D dandruff problem!

  • I frickin love Crunch Berries.

  • Ok,can’t sleep because I want Count Chocula and Crunch Berries, yes I have been known to eat them mixed together, and now I have an intense craving for them!!lol….

  • dara

    We didn’t do co sleeping, but I have a friend that did. When they had major trouble getting their 2 year old to sleep by herself, there was only one thing that worked. They would put her in her bed, and sit in the room until she fell asleep. The only thing was, that you cannot give the child any contact whatsoever, even if they are screaming your name. Just sit there so they know you are still with them. It took about three nights of very few hours of sleep, then started to go down to about 45 min., then 30 min., then hardly any time at all until they fell asleep. Now they just put her in her bed, then kiss her goodnight, then leave. It worked for them really well.

  • Lol, thanks for all the great advice, I’m off to bed, nite all..

  • Holy Shit! I’m the 500th comment! WOW! 500 things to say about snow. I am impressed!

  • Oooh and kaiasmom – we had to mix in like half a scoop of formula powder with 8 ounces of milk at first. My kid adored formula, the transition was a pain. Sorry, okay, now I’m going to bed. I’m just giddy over being solicited for advice on!

  • Mammarama – for us the transition from our bed to the crib was much easier than I thought. The baby did great in fact — it was me who needed consoling! Try setting up a soothing bedtime routine…

    Oh and the biggest thing that helped us was we didn’t go cold turkey. He’d sleep in his crib until 5 or 6 am, then wake up for a meal. I’d bring him to our bed, feed him, then he’d sleep with us until 7 or 8.

  • Libraryhill

    Mmmmmm, Count Chocula!

  • i get all excited when it’s that price, too. i stock up and then it goes bad.

    oh well.

  • Zach

    Cheap milk! You can freeze that shit, yo!

  • She will drink Very Vanilla Soymilk on ocasion but I’m not sure if this is the same as regular milk, I want her to be able to get all the benefits she’s supposed to be getting from milk. She also won’t drink juice of any kind unless it’s in the middle of summer and it cools her off. I will try the adding the milk to the formula trick though, I was always told never to do that for some reason but at this point I’ll try anything! My daughter is 15 months and really needs to start drinking other things besides formula…Thanks to those who gave me advice…

  • Kaiasmom said at 09:11PM, 02.21.2005:

    Anybody got any tips to get my daughter to drink milk?? She’s down to two bottles a day of formula but won’t touch milk.

    Have you tried putting a sweetener in it, like quik or hersheys? when i was little, all i would drink was quik strawberry milk, and my mom said i wouldn’t drink regular after having formula because the formula is sweeter than regular milk.

  • Susie

    AndreaBT: Yea, right. And I suppose Boo Berries grow on a BooBush? Hmmm, wait, I think boobushes have been discussed here before . . . or was that boobs, bushes, boobahs,

  • Good night, everybody. Thanks for all your advice – I appreciate it!

  • AndreaBT

    Mamaramma, actually the 2 1/2 yr old is now 4 1/2! And I remember well the nights that I desperately wished she’d fall asleep faster so I could go do something, or that the husband could nurse her…or something!

  • I was personally more excited when they bring back Boo Berry for Halloween. But hey…Count Chocula rocks as well.

  • Andrea BT – Believe me, I know what you mean about the snuggling, but I’m getting to a point where I don’t have an evening life of my own anymore. No one can put her to bed but me – she can’t have any sitters, and I used to be an actor – I can no longer really think about doing night shows. I want to make this transition now before it gets any harder. It sounds like you guys have a good system down with your 2 1/2 yr old. I wish there were a perfect formula that worked for every family’s needs.

  • CM — now I’ve learned something today! I mean, besides the blumpkin.

    Glad to have comments back today. Would love to discuss breastfeeding with y’all, ’cause it’s *never* worked for me, but I gotta let the sandman work his dirty little magic on me. First-shift slug that I am.

    Sayonara, little darlin’s.
    Watch your sphicter, ’cause it’s SURE AS HELL watchin’ you.

  • AndreaBT

    Susie, crunchberries grow on a crunchberry bush…of course.

  • Susie

    What sort of plant do crunchberries grow on? They’re not REAL berries, that’s all I’m sayin’ . . .

    Mamaramma, I can’t help with the co-sleeping, we didn’t do that. But I did have a kid who never, ever, even once in her life took a bottle. Then we found that Avent makes a strange hybrid nipple/sippy cup lid — attaches to the bottle, but has large slits in it like a sippy cup — and we made to with that when I absolutely had to be away from her and had to take my breasts with me. And she started with a sippy cup just after 1 year, in addition to the breastfeeding. The Avent thing was messy, but at least some of the milk got into her when I had to be away. Good luck.

  • AndreaBT

    With a little luck, as well. Heck…just started using a laptop, can’t get used to this new keyboard (and not really enjoying the touchpad, or whatever it’s called that replaces the mouse).

    Mamaramma…YES, we coslept with my older daughter for 2 1/2 years, and successfully got her to a big girl bed. I slept with her in her room for a few weeks, then laid with her until she fell asleep. Now one of us lays with her while her CD plays and leave after the first song (that’s our rule). Getting a baby into a crib, that might be harder, but could be done. Can you hold out until baby’s big enough for a big kid bed?

    We’ve got the two-month old in bed with us now. I actually kind of enjoy her…so sweet to snuggle with her. And great that I don’t have to get out of bed to feed her!

  • Another Heather – they hoarde the formula because it is used to cut cocaine.

  • Mamaramma- as an exclamation point to the days theme, the phrase, “getting off the boob” sends Metro over the edge…

  • AndreaBT

    Eat Cap’n Crunch *without* Crunchberries??? Sacrelege.

    Kaiasmom: start mixing regular milk in her formula. Each time use a little more milk, a little more formula. With any lkuck, she’ll hardly notice a thing.

  • We’re not even close to getting her off the boob yet. She never. ever. ever. accepted a bottle. Help me Jesus – or doocelings, whoever can get here first.

  • Hello all – I can’t do the cereal thing unless it’s summer.
    Has anyone actually successfully gotten their baby to sleep in their crib after being co-sleepers for all their 10 month lives (or however old?) How did you do it, and how did you not flip out during the process?

  • Another Heather

    I hear ya on the formula. I just spent $21.99 for 25.9 oz. of powdered Similac with Iron that will last a whopping 4 days. My 3.5 month old son eats 56 oz., yes 56 freakin’ oz. of formula a day!!

    The grocery store has some sort of weird hold on formula where they don’t let you buy more than 1 big can at a time. Is there some sort of freakish fetish group with formula or something? Just let me buy 5 cans at a time dammit! *sigh* When will my whole milk days come….

    Ahem, rant over.

  • ‘Manda, I’m doin’!

  • Susie

    OK, from Shakespeare to cereal (please, no more ice cube trays): Captain Crunch (or was it “Cap’n”?). Without the crunchberries. Crunchberries are unnatural.

  • Anybody got any tips to get my daughter to drink milk?? She’s down to two bottles a day of formula but won’t touch milk.

  • Ern

    Tide fumes and greasy patrons make you funny? Or talkative?

    For me it’s tequila. For both.

  • Tequila does all that for me as well. Also, it makes me think I can dance, and then I attempt to do so, with regard for neither life, limb, nor dignity.

  • Ern

    It makes me think I can dance too. But I think my drunken, uninhibited dancing is probably better than my usual self-conscious, uptight, white-girl-with-no-rhythm dancing.

  • Not paying for formula anymore rocks my world completely. That shit was ‘spensive!

  • Amanda…. niiiicce turn around there on the Metro Man. 🙂

  • Ern

    Not $2.50 worth, anyway!

  • Hey Metro. How *you* doin?

  • I’m just a comment whore tonight (as opposed to…?).

    Blame it on the laundromat. Tide fumes and greasy patrons.

  • Hey, sistah I hear ya!! I’m about to go to 2%!!!! Wooo Hoooo! Hooray for no formula!

  • Bucky – you are cracking me up.

  • You can squeeze all you want, and I’ll honk, but don’t be expectin’ no milk.

    Not an appreciable amount, anyhow.

  • Ern

    No, no. You squeeze, and then SHE honks!

  • Count Chocula – nothing rocks like Count Chocula. Not even $2.50 gallons of milk.

  • Taa-taa honkin’ is the punishment of the day.

    Honk honk.

  • Ern

    A very nice trip.

    You guys are hilarious. I just roll on the floor, and all I can think to say is, “you guys crack my shit up!”

    Sorry, I have nothing funnier to add. 🙂

  • Hey Doc! Have a nice trip?

    No, Buucky. That’s Monty Python. Siiigh.

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