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Moonbeam Lift, Solitude Ski Resort

  • chloe- when i read the comments about the pic, and saw the references to Hoth and all it was missing a Wookie.

    this led me to think, ‘well, the ski lift does look like a wrecked Imperial AT-AT walker.’ And then to, ‘i wouldn’t want to be on Hoth, i’d want to be on Kashyyyk, where there are super tall trees and it is a huge forest.’

    i think i have just surpassed dorkdom for geekdom.

  • Katieee why not allow anonymous comments? I don’t have a blogger thingy. Ah well, here’s what I was going to comment:
    Sadly my guess is that it wasn’t dog poop. I used to work in downtown dallas and would regularly walk past massive piles of human feces. Which kind of made me think well, at least the homeless people are getting plenty to eat, right?

    Welcome to blogging Katie. 🙂

  • AndreaBT

    I have a niece named Kate. We call her Katie. She’ll be one next month. So there are still new Katies around!

  • ashik

    My name didn’t make it at all. 🙁

  • AndreaBT

    And by the way, I got the baby back to sleep, so I’m not neglecting her…since there apparently are many people who read this site who rush to judgment that way 😉

  • AndreaBT

    Nathan, right, right…Dooce is my priority, Dooce is my priority, Dooce is…

    Crap, there’s that baby calling me again…

  • Katiebbaw- i think all the veriations of ‘Katherine” had a peak in the 80s.

    Sad fact- i graduated HS in a class of 4 Katies, 1 Katy, and 1 Kate. in a class of 60.

    I was the Kate.

  • Southern Fried Girl


    I checked out your site and I love it. You all have inspired me to go ahead and create my own (which I have done on firm time, doncha know?). I have not decided if I am going to tell friends and family about it yet. They might not want to see what I have to say. LOLOL. Good job on yours, Katie!!!!

  • Ha. My name had its brief, shining moment in 1962.

  • Hi Chloe *wink*
    How *you* doin’?

  • My name peaked in the 80’s. Everyone must have seen how adorable I was and the name became extremely popular!

  • Squish said at 03:39PM, 02.21.2005:

    Have you guys been to this website?

    hehehe, i think it is funny that the spelling of my name peaked between 1900-1910.

  • ashik

    Hmmm.. I think I just made up an apple name. Whatever works.

  • Might wanna get that checked out…

    Not the failure to work, but the plural.

  • Have you guys been to this website?

    If you type in a name, it tells you, in graph form, the number of people given that name in any given year. It’s kind of a fun website.

  • Oh, I did it all for the wookie! What? The wookie! Yeah! The wookie! I did it all for the wookie, yeah, the wookie!

    I apologize for tainting this delightful site with limp bizkit (how sad is it that I had to google the original lyrics to remember how the band name was spelled?). But seriously, the instant I saw the wookie reference, I knew I had to type it. Now it will play in my head all damn day, and I hate limp bizkit.
    Oh, and *winks at Closet Metro*.

  • oh yes, amanda b, your vaginas work just fine.

  • ashik

    So, does one’s living in DC make one “washington delicious”?

  • Hey! My vaginas didn’t work.

  • Lily – Definitely not too young for a Pink Lady.

    Katie-b-b-a-w – how about Golden Orbs of Fle…, oh, wait, nevermind.

  • Are ya’ll talking about*VAGINAS*?

  • _I think for me, keeping up will consist of going back and forth between playing pat-a-cake and Dooce. Though I have to say when she grins and tries to laugh when we play, I’m sorely tempted to ditch Dooce…_

    Someone needs to get their priorities straight…


  • How about those Red Delicious? Or Rome Beauties? There are a lot of sexy-sounding apples out there.

  • Desperate, desparate
    Tomato, Tah-mah-toe

    Almost time for me to go home…

  • CM, but are you too young for a Pink Lady??

  • mental note: CM isn’t *that* desparate, er pervy…

  • CK #378- well, that depends on which head you are looking at

  • Lily, we’re way too young to be eating grannies.

  • yeah, but then she shouldn’t be so sour

  • i feel like a perv/dirty minded dork for even thinking this

    i am sitting here, eating a very delicious apple, whose type i just found. it is a sweet, tart, and very cruchy. it also has a nice, descriptive name.

    i am eating a Pink Lady.

  • and i must say, a Pink Lady is better eating than a Granny Smith

  • LilyOTF: I think I just saw Closet Metro’s ears perk up… Gawd, I hope that was his ears…

  • #377, Lily — Hee, that’s funny! Although, I’m sure Granny Smith might disagree with you.

  • spoonie – I’m just pervy with you. It’s our special relationship. You weren’t supposed to tell.

  • Katie B Bored: Yeah… when I’m writing a comment here from home, and Punkin is up and around (and learning how to read) I have to be quick about it… then she wants to know what I’m writing and to who and why… Meddling kids… 😉

  • AndreaBT

    I think for me, keeping up will consist of going back and forth between playing pat-a-cake and Dooce. Though I have to say when she grins and tries to laugh when we play, I’m sorely tempted to ditch Dooce…

  • It is hard for me to get my doocing in when Little Patrick is around. He really likes Chuck, and he always wants to see pictures of him. He likes Leta, too (although he likes most girls). So, when I am trying to write a response to someone, he is saying “WHERE is Chuck? I want to see Chuck with the spaghetti nose!”

  • AndreaBT

    Okay…it’s slowing down, and I’ve got baby on my lap…

  • metro, it’s too late to avoid being pervy. you are our resident perv. but we love you for it.

  • adent. Oops. Again with the typing and the spelling and the lack of working brain matter.

  • Aren’t we all supposed to be working? I get really annoyed when my boss buzzes me on the phone. I think he heard me sighing heavily before, but dammity it was the fifth time in two minutes that he buzzed me!!! The kid is like 26 years old and he is my boss, which is totally uncool because I am 25. Anyway, I am constantly doing like Circus Kelli and bopping around from window to window. When I see someone coming around the corner, I minimize Dooce. When they go away, I minimize my work. I get my work done, so what else is there to do but peek around Dooce? So, really, it is easy to keep up with the comments if you sit in front of the computer all day. Even when your dork 26 year old boss is hanging around.

  • Wait a minute – CK’s right. Why aren’t YOU working, “ardent”?

  • adent

    niffer – aren’t you supposed to be working?

  • adent — aren’t we all?

  • Oh crap, that’s my Director of Operations. Seriously.

  • Whadimiss?

  • ashik

    Absolutely not pervy.

    *now, put away those binoculars and trench coat*

  • Sarah M

    Without the monstrosity of a lift in the foreground the trees make it look like a wonderland. I’ve never seen snow in my life thanks to being born and raised in Australia – which doesn’t really work well with my body prefering cooler climates (just yesterday it was 34 C) America looks as though it has really beautiful scenery. I’m dying to go one day. If only.

  • ashik, You’re right – I am overwhelmed by the overpowering beauty of the hotness of the ladies here in Dooceland.

    I’m glad to be cutely desperate, or desperately cute. Anything but pervy.

  • Those babies are always wakin up at the wrong times, aren’t they? 🙂 Maybe if you just explain to the baby that you’re surfin Dooce and to give you a few more minutes…

    Heh, yeah, that doesn’t work for me, either.

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