Perils of cohabitation, volume one of many


As Leta gets older she resembles a dog more and more, here pictured with toilet paper that she likes to eat. Yesterday my friend brought over her daughter who is Leta’s age and within 15 seconds upon entering the house she had run into the bathroom and emptied the toilet paper roll of all the toilet paper and strewn it across the bathroom floor. Like a dog. I’m thinking that maybe the crate isn’t such a cruel and unusual form of discipline after all.

(Note to those of you who share a camera and a computer [also known as the computer with enough RAM and processor speed to handle all the photos] with someone else: be sure that after you have gone through the hundreds of photos both you and that someone else took over the weekend, finally figuring out which ones you took as opposed to the ones he took OF THE SAME THINGS, be sure that that someone else doesn’t have “AUTOMATICALLY LOG ME IN” checked in the Flickr uploader so that when you go to upload your photos you add them to HIS account. WE SHARE THIS COMPUTER, JON. HOW COULD YOU?)