Croc savvy!

In a few minutes I’m going to be interviewed by Kate Evans on Life Matters, a program on ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). I thought I’d post this illegal picture I took of Nicole Kidman, one of my favorite Australians, on Friday night while in the theater seeing “The Interpreter.”

I’m guessing that I will eventually be asked something along the lines of, “What do you think your daughter is going to have to say about what you’ve written about her on your website, say, when she’s a teenager?” And the honest answer to that is, “I will totally set up a website for her where she can take our her grievances against me publicly. I will never take back all the times I wrote about how much that kid screamed.”

Note: When I took this picture Jon was sitting next to me about to poop his pants, SO TERRIFIED that someone would hear the shutter click and bust us for taking a picture in a movie theater. Obviously he needed a good bonking.

UPDATE: Yeah, trying to say, “terrifically hard” while thinking, “terribly hard,” it can come out sounding TOTALLY OBTUSE.