An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

2nd South looking west

  • That’d make a great desktop background…

  • LeafGirl77

    By the way Greenthumb, I very much enjoyed your story today… I think I would have run away afraid too!! Who wouldn’t?

  • jes

    i love your photos. i’m thinking if only i had a D70, i would automatically become a better photographer.

    and then i remember, “oh yeah. it takes talent, too.”

    blasted talent.

  • jes

    do you get paid by Nikon to advertise that you take photos each day with a D70?

    because you SO should get paid. i wonder how many people have bought one just because YOU have one???

  • I didn’t know a self-storage building could look so pretty. I want to eat those cotton candy clouds.

  • greenthumb, I don’t see that lavendar in the sky you reported (#45)…note to self: must….clean…monitor…

    Or is it that we all have lavender on the brain after yesterday’s booty full (derviationfrom “booty flies,” natch) post about the power of Walmart lotion and sense memory?

    (top 100?)

  • I’m on my way out to take pictures of our Bookmobile.

  • beautiful sky.

  • Is it just me, or does the picture make anyone think of their toilet? You know, Crane == bathroom fixtures? Could be related to the downtown self storage bit, I guess.

  • Bookmobile…ah fond memories 😉

    Doocelings, take a look at
    I have a plan! 😀

  • I went downtown, last night.

  • Thanks Leafgirl77. Be afraid, be very afraid….

    Sherri…give that monitor a good scrub…it’s there…really…I can see it.

  • Oh, yeah yeah yeah!

    The Bookmobile! Woe to those who didn’t experience the Bookmobile. For painfully shy girls such as myself, it was a gift from God!

  • that story about the lotion is beautiful, heather. i teared up which is nothing new cause i do most of the time you post one of your posts about leta or jon that are so full of love [/cheese] but it’s true. and now i’m going home..

  • love the sky in the west. love it.

    it’s what i miss most about arizona.

    well, that and easy college girls.

  • That’s beautiful. I’m glad I’m not the only one who squinted because they HAD to know what the ‘downtown self storage’ sign said…

  • Woot! How beautiful is that picture? Great colours.

  • Crane….toilets?

  • Jimbo, that’s what makes you Mighty.

  • Easy college girls were great. Now it’s those easy blogging girls who rock …

  • LeafGirl77

    OK, tell me if it’s poor etiquette to ask, but….

    What software do people use to fix up/manipulate, etc, etc, their pictures once they’re on the computer?

    I checked out Adobe Photoshop yesterday and the one I was looking at was $650CDN. Is this what I should be looking at or is this way more than I need?

    Once again, if this is not the place to ask, just let me know and I’ll let it go!! 🙂

  • Mari

    Leafgirl, I bought Photoshop Elements which is much cheaper than Photoshop (around $85 or so). Check it out; it might have everything you need.

  • I love Crane papers…call me snooty, but there’s nothing like some smooth, perfect Crane stationery for writing private lil’ notes of sincerity

  • Gorgeous! You and Jon and so gifted I’m jealous.


  • From the little icon on the sidebar I thought it was going to be a picture of a scrabble board. Even though it’s not, still a cool picture.

  • Leafgirl. I have Photo Impact. It’s easy to use and IMHO, just as good as photoshop. But eveyrone that is a photoshop person says, “NUH-UH!” so I must be wrong. I have had PI for about 2 years and I love it. I use it to crop and lighten. Shaun uses it to turn my mother into pope idol though. It works for lots of stuff.

  • LeafGirl77

    Kristine: Is that what you used to make your current masthead?

  • Hi everyone…I’d like to ask something of you all. I suffer through criticism and depression everyday. Feel free to put together a book of your favorite “Mighty” quotes and “Mighty” experiences or just tell me to piss off. And I am always open to donations of any kind……after all I’m a starving artist (sarcasm font).

  • So glad comments are back again for the second day in a row!

    Love the pic… I so don’t have the eye to take such nice pics.

  • Dooce you can find beauty in almost everything. Great shot.

  • … small children of this age sometimes seem to only hear the last word of your sentence, so if you say “it’s for you it’s not for the dog” they hear only “for the dog” and so they’ll inevitably give it to the dog … which leads me to just SUGGEST (not advise) that you try saying “this is for you, Leta, YOU” and leave the dog out of the sentence … might not work, but it’s worth a try… It’s kind of like “don’t think of an elephant” (how couldja not?) … better luck to the Senator in the future … poor thing … enough widda elipses.

  • Neat!

    And may I say (now that comments are back), this is one of the prettiest page backgrounds & mastheads you’ve ever.

  • Beautiful Western sky….

    Great shot Dooce.

  • Me



    They let me in the bookmobile!!!! I bribed the librarian with THIS!

  • a.

    LeafGirl77, I think many/most people use photoshop. I use it myself — I don’t know many people that have actually paid for it, though. It’s free for the downloadin’ through most PTP programs.

  • gorgeous sky

  • Looks like a modern day Maxfield Parrish Painting.

  • LeafGirl77

    a.: thanks for the info. I’ve recently moved and I’m trying to get my Kazaa hooked up again.

    For some reason, I didn’t think about P2P.

  • That photo reminds me of a motel I found in the middle of nowhere. I was so in the middle of nowhere that I don’t even remember where nowhere was. Sorry, folks, but it might have been somewhere in Utah … on my way to Colorado. The motel was like a mirage and there was a large neon sign on top. Who knows why they had that large sign. There was zero competition out there. Although if the motel was in Utah, it might have been their way of communicating to God: Vacancy! Vacancy! Vacancy! Room for more! Free bibles and coffee! Bless us, good Lord, we’re doing your work! Vacancy! Flashing signs. Lucky I didn’t have a seizure.

  • Interesting photo.

  • Pokey, she thought it was a little stub of a pencil that you had stolen and were trying to return.

  • It’s amazing how smells can take you back to a time and place. I’m so glad that despite the circumstances, your memory was a happy one.

  • You asked for it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Click me.

  • LeafGirl … try Picasa from Google. Again, free for the download, helps organize all your pics, and has some simple tools for cropping and manipulating images. It’s not a full-menu program, but for someone trying to achieve simple effects or corrections, it’s all you’d need.


    Oops. THIS was too big to fit on your screen. I’ll try to have the photo reduced…

  • christina

    I don’t usually post, but wanted to say your post on the scent of emotion was beautiful. I don’t kow if it’s my pregnancy hormones, but man you made me cry (in the good way).
    You, Jon, and especially Leta (oh and Chuck too) are beautiful!

  • THIS does not exist, from what I can tell!


    Bucky and Torrie know. I’ve been to Bucky’s house. We had a lovely steak dinner and then played with THIS.

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