An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • Holy crap, I *Sniff* bolded and didn’t mean to. Screw the url, I can die now.

  • Oh my god, the weirdest thing happened, right before I got in my shower, someone called my house, sounded like some kind of pervy guy, I dont know. They kept talking about their package, getting their package. It was really really weird. I was almost afraid to get naked after that.

  • giggles, I have no idea why that first one didn’t work.

  • Is it single or double quotes. Thanks for the cheap shot, Kelly. *Sniff* And I called you Mrs. Stamos. Sure, kick me when I’m down.

  • You know they have wax for that condition, right?

  • You gave it the ol college try, giggles! Use quotation marks instead of { } around the words to the left of the colon, and put nothing around the URL. Then it should work, unless you’re Robyn.


  • Muffy

    I don’t know,annabelle, sounds like a put down to me.

    My mother and father worked very hard and instilled a strong work ethic in all of us kids.

    I was happy that after my dad was forced to retire from a major candy company (think walking legume with monacle and cane), they were able to retire in a beautiful community slightly north of Scottsdale.

    Honestly, what happened yesterday with my ex just ripped open a wound that had almost closed.
    If I could take back what happened a few years ago, I would.

    I’d like to say that things happen for a reason. Like for Heather, getting fired because of her blog probably opened some doors she never even thought were there. I’m having trouble finding that “reason”.

    Again, Honestly, I brought up some of the stuff I brought up because I’ve been in a “mood” for the past 24 hours. I find humor from others to be very healing.
    Why else would I read about a corn dog stick emerging from a dog’s ass?

    Which we never really did find out about, did we?
    Oh, and I think Katie is taking it easy these days. She had a little medical issue. She wrote about it on her site.
    Hope she’s okay.

  • _test_

    “Chuck rocks!”:

    Chuck rocks! :

    Thanks guys for your patience!

  • Ha! Blogger is MY bitch now, and I can comment on my own site.
    And, boy do I got somethin’ to say.

  • Torrie, oh god. I love comments that are innappropriate and people dont even notice what they just said. The best.

  • Jessica Rabbit, if you can’t behave yourself here, young lady, you’ll just have to….um, stay here?

  • oh man, it sooo didn’t work. I got confused.

    _skulking away so nobody notices me_

  • Giggles (#319), obviously Robyn and I don’t give a shit about annoying people. Go for it.

  • giggles, don’t use these {} things. Those were just there for explanation’s sake.


  • Bucky, when have I ever been able to behave myself anywhere?

    I make others behave, so I dont have to.

  • Jessica, one day Dooce posted a picture of Leta and someone commented “Look at the hair on that Muffin” or “That muffin has a lot of hair”.

    I peed my pants.

  • Muff teasin?

    Oh man, biting lip sooo hard…..

  • Thanks, Torrie! I heard an interview with him a month or so ago on NPR He’s a hoot in an interview.

  • *giggles* (#319) – You’re welcome. And go ahead and try it. I’ll take it upon myself to speak for the group and say, if anyone gets annoyed, they can just get. over. it.

  • {Chuck rocks!}:{}

  • Wow…we’ve got trolls and KBBAW’s not even here today. (BTW-where is she??) No offense to Muffy, but I’m glad they’ve found someone else to pick on. Although in all honesty, I really just hope they go away so Dooce doesn’t shut down comments again.

  • Sorry, Torrie, that blogger tryin’ to make you its bitch today. Need comments, dammit, I jones without these sick little conversations.
    And no, I have no intention of parking in this comment section again all night.

    Really. Nope. Not gonna do it.

    Well, maybe.

  • shit, that didn’t work. this site hates you.

  • Annabelle

    I was not picking on Muff. I was teasing, Muff. There is a difference.

  • “Oklahoma”:

  • and it worked for me. OUCH!!

    (I swear I did the same thing I told you to do.)

  • Oh wait, Chris Farley is channeling me…

    SON OF A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m giving up before I break something.

  • Thank you ladybug! I’m nervous to try it yet – I know it will take me a few tries to get the link stuff correct and I don’t want to annoy anyone.

    Muffy: I’m glad you have a sense of humor. And I wish you all the best in your Elvis/Las Vegas wedding. You seem to have such a zest for fun and life and I know your wedding will be a blast to remember!

  • “$250,000 Okie Condo”:

  • Kalki, I love all of David Sedaris’ books.
    This one is especially good.

  • now i’m just rubbing it in…

  • oh boy – I just looked over the comments from the ‘ANONs’ of today and they make me sad, all pickin’ on Muffy…

  • So, that’s what it was. I forgot my colon. It’s that damn Subway food poisoning from Monday.

    “$250,000 Okie Condo”:

  • Smiles everyone, Smiles….

    (Hey boss, the plane the plane!!)

  • I’m up to my eyeballs in dogs. Or dog. And I think he meowed. Which isn’t nearly as weird as hearing my cat bark.

  • someone’s getting sensitive…

    and I think it’s muffy.

    Chill, dude. Nobody wants to hear any more about how you got unjustly thrown into jail for “yelling” at your ex.

  • white trash

    if these racial slurs against white trash continue, I’m gonna have to report you to the authorities.

  • I think trolls are just naturally attracted to the most visible posters. Doesn’t mean what they say is true. They are just jealous they can’t think of witty things to say, like “BOOBIES” or “POOP”. 🙂

    That is all I’m going to say about that. I’m off to somewhere else in the internet universe that I already know I’m probably getting hammered on.

  • Bucky, I tried to post a comment on your blog, but Blogger is sucking donkey dick again.

  • if you post too many kitty pics, Mows will show up and get very upset. but i likes me some kitty-cats. 🙂

  • That url thing so didn’t work for me. I cannot follow instructions. KELLLYYYYY!!!!

  • Robyn, put the words in quotes (like you did) and then do a colon and then the url.

    words in quotes:URL

  • Muffy

    You know what? Im just happy cuz:
    Comments are up,
    It’s Chuck Friday,
    It’s Friday,
    I’m sitting here at my awesome job that I love, wasting time gabbing on dooce,
    My fiancee is home, cleaning.
    Yes, there is a God. And he loves me.

  • $250,000 is a King’s ransom. This is what it buys you in “Oklahoma”

    Queen of Doocedom, I love how the Aussie interviewer called you a Blugger. Sweet.

  • ha, that kitty does appear a bit shocked

  • Bucky, yes whats this I see, you blame me for the barage of boobies in here last night?

    Why I never!

  • boobie brigade

  • Bucky, I feel privileged.
    *Wink, wink.*

  • Muffy

    Annabelle: Regionality? What?
    I’m gonna set the record straight, and then it’s back to poop.
    Getting married by Elvis because it will be fun. My father passed away a few years back, and most of my family is in Arizona. And we really really really do not want a church wedding. Not for us.

    Jail thing. I was in a work-release program and left every day to work for an attorney. It was unfortunate and inevitable, as my ex was politically well-connected. I didn’t stand a chance.

    White trash. I’m not even going to defend this. I have to go get the yung’uns out of the sheet metal pile again…

    Okay. Enough. Now I know how Katie Be Bored feels.

  • Bucky, I think I have the mortisha thing covered pretty well, you can be her sister with the daisys that grow in her hair. hehhehehee

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