An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

15 mos.

  • Don’t forget your designer beach towel to drape over your head when you get caught in Albequerque, Muff.

  • Hey Blog Exchangers, click my namde if you want to get in this month.

  • The Muff

    I’ll use the towels from the shower. You know, 1 of 1 showers I had.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has 14 bridesmaids and yet has NOONE to talk to about her “issues”…
    Sounds like she needs to pick her friends better.
    I still say she needs to be prosecuted.
    And my guess is, she ran because her future husband HAS NO BALLS! I mean, she runs off and he STILL wants to walk down the aisle with her? Whipped I tell ya.
    Without respect, love can’t last very long.

  • The Muff

    We did meet online through my aol personal ad. Does that qualify as w.t.’ish?
    Come on, guys, i wanna have a white trash weddin’ with matching Bride and Groom teddy bears on the head table at Denny’s

  • The Muff

    I still can’t believe someone called me “white trash” on a previous days comments. How does getting married in Vegas make one white trash?
    And what is it with the term “White trash”? Is that even politically correct? Frankly, I’m offended. I’m calling the ACLU.

  • Mary

    Heather, Leta is just growing up so fast. I love the black and white picture, it’s a fabulous idea. She looks so classic and beautiful. I’m sure everyday she amazes you both.

  • The Muff

    Giggles: My sister’s husband is a pharmacist for Osco, so she pays only 12% over cost on everything. 12 dollar foundation? 3 for me! I’m totally hitting the malls when I get out there.
    OH! My love is picking up our engraved wedding bands TODAY! I can’t believe it!
    Anyone know any weird superstitions about trying them on before the big day?
    Oh, and I also picked up my bus ticket to Albuquerque yesterday, ya know, just in case…

  • Muffy, ain’t nothin’ wrong with getting married in Vegas! I’d LOVE to have my wedding at the Bellagio 😉
    My fiance did suggest an Elvis wedding in Vegas but I had to put my foot down on that – I don’t do flares 😉 LOL

  • Hey Striz, I just sent you my info. I can’t wait to do the exchange!

  • The Muff

    Bucky, Whip me,beat me, make me write bad checks.

    Guys, The Muff’s days of nuttiness are OVER! Thank uppercase God.

    Now we can SWING!

  • Muffy – sounds like you’re all set. 🙂

    The run-away bride sounds (from the newsbites from yesterday) like she has some problems – perhaps from depression or something similar. I hope she gets the help she needs. Also, did you all hear anything about her being engaged before and getting out of the engagement? I heard the story on our local news, but haven’t heard it on the national.

  • I use for my site meter. It only keeps free stats on the most recent 100 visitors, but that’s enough for me b/c I only get around 20-60 hits a day (I just started mine in earnest last week though). If I got more, and wanted the stats it would be 9.00 a month.

  • naralius

    good morning everyone… Nicole, I hope Muffy has all her teeth and his husband to be is not related to her.

  • The Muff

    They had a special on VH1 last night about Britney’s rise to fame. I wonder if Heather tivo’d it.

  • Striz, I’m workin’ on the teeth thing. Wouldn’t wanna be mistaken for non-trash, now, would I?

    ‘Scuse me while I expel this wad o’ chaw…


  • Thus spake The Muff: “Without respect, love can’t last very long”

    True, Muff, true. But, without respect, the sex can be really top drawer!

  • Happy 15 Months to the child who is obsessed with her kitchen floor! 😉 You are a cutie Leta!

  • Lil bundle a puddin’in black and white. I’ll call this pic Cheeky Warhol.

  • Henryk_

    Monkeys? I worry about the monkeys that might get *on my back!*

  • Henryk_

    Does anyone have a Waldo de los Rios “Sinfonias” CD?

  • 向你和你的宝贝致以春天的问候!

  • What a beautiful entry about your daughter, Heather. They all are. They always get me all misty-eyed and wanting a daughter of my own. Thank you for sharing your life with the world. 🙂

  • Henryk_

    I agree with siacgem (?)

  • Henryk_

    …….and the silence was deafening!

  • Jo

    Lovely photo – she has beautiful eyes!

  • Go Leta!
    You will be walking in no time! My daughter started walking within a couple of weeks from once she started standing.

  • Leta is gorgeous! I’m a frequent reader, but first-time poster! I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. Take care of you and yours, Nicnu xx

  • Someone looking for fat gay girls found me today. ggrrrrr baby

  • I wasn’t born during the Agnes flood in ’72, but the house we lived in in Kingston obviously made it through that flood. When my dad was renovating during the eighties, he found mud and debris actually stuck between the walls.

    As a sidenote, I was just being ironic when I said we were trailer trash. I have never lived in a trailer. Although I would fancy me a double wide out in Noxen if I had the chance.

  • I’m sure someone just took some things out of context. It’s easy to do. Don’t worry about it.

    I hope today’s pic is of Miss Leta – ya can’t get enough!

  • Come on, Muffy. Everyone knows that us girls from NEPA are trailer trash skanks. Whoever called you white trash needs to get it right!

  • “And what is it with the term “White trash”? Is that even politically correct? ”

    4 words: Brittney Spears/Kevin Federline.

    Yes, it is totally P.C.

    But to describe you getting married in Vegas? No. Not unless you’re marrying your cousin’s sister’s nephew’s uncle and he’s dressed in acid washed jeans, has a mullet, drives an IROC and you’re 7 months in the oven while smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer at the alter with four teeth to your name.

  • The Muff

    Katie,the ONLY time I lived in a trailer, was after the 72 flood. It was in our driveway next to our house. That way our family (myself, mom and dad, brothers and sister) could stay together while my father fixed the damage from having 8 feet of river water run through it. He and my mom cleaned mud out for six months. While both were holding down jobs.
    Yea, I’m just welfare grabbin’ white trash.

  • Bucky has an Iroc, and I bet acid wash jeans. Full set of dentata though.

  • Henryk_

    Thanks Coskel/,I will give it some thought!

  • Henryk_

    Night all.

  • The Muff

    Im freakin! Not over getting married, but over PACKING! I get these anxiety dreams in where I end up in Hawaii with nothing but snowshoes and a ski jacket. Or alaska with a suitcase full of flip flops and tube tops. No, wait, that’s what I wore to work yesterday. The snowshoes, not the tube top.

  • ‘Tis morning, but whether it brings good tidings or not has yet to be decided.
    On a happy note, I haven’t wet my pants yet or lost an eye, so technically, I guess we could tag it as a good morning.

  • Henryk_

    Its good morning to all of you……and good night to me.

  • i don’t know, Bucky, an eyepatch might go well with the new hairstyle…

  • Henryk_

    I like the whfropera site! 🙂

  • aw shucks, thanks! Try my real show on Tuesdays if you are so inclined… the stream link is on the site. I’ll also post it here:

    I may come out of anonymity to post a pic for SPD.

  • Good morning all.

    Muffy – are ya nervous yet? I still have the time and site link written down so hopefully we’ll be able to watch the wedding!

    Just a few more days until the weekend!

  • good morning?

  • Emma

    It’s afternoon here! Hi Coskel, hope you’re having a good day. 🙂

  • AndiMAC

    yay for pigtails….Love it!

  • The Muff

    Another day, another dooce
    Good morning! Two weeks and counting!

  • I don’t pay the 6.95 per month, it gives me all the information I need…like what search words were used when they found me, and where people are coming from [if from other sites] I could tell that someone from Dooce logged onto my page…all free.

  • Heather: Leta has that “cross me and you’ll find a horse head in your bed” look. Be ware.

  • kat


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