Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

15 mos.

  • Hricachick

    I hate to tell you dooce but she looks like your hubby! She is a cutie!! 40 weeks of carrying around a little peapod and she looks nothing like you. I speak from personal experience myself.

    Happy 15 months Leta!!

  • Im sure I can get some pics of the stink eye they will be shooting me when they find out the get no games for 3 days, as this is a second offense, and they have to clean up all the sticks in the front yard.

    Im going to be so very popular tonight.

    DOOM OF THE MOMMY, out! Have fun kids!

  • Good luck, Jess. And send ’em over to pick up the sticks in my yard, too.

  • Oh, and I cant forget!

    Much pimpin of Kristine, who is the shit. Who redid my site, and the Bobblheadhillbilly’s site last night and who is a seriously talented, way hot girl.

    Kristine!!! You rock!

  • Bucky, I traded you that suitcase for you sister, don’tcha ‘member?

  • Susie, you know what? I’ve decided that you can keep my sister AND the suitcase.

    You know, for your honeymoon. 😉

  • Aw, you’re so good to me. And you’re a fine poet too, which will come back to bite you in the ass as soon as I can get my next post up:)

  • Susie – where’s my glass of wine?

  • Coskel — just make sure your wine doesn’t come from the piss-filled suitcase!

  • The best thing about pictures of babies and kids, but especially babies…is looking at all the expressions on their faces.

    Although, Leta is hard to read sometimes.

    I love when she looks at the camera as if to say “This is all SO beneathe me….”


  • Mike

    Forgive me Oh Worshipers Of THIS. I ask your forgiveness.

  • I must away! The natives will be home soon and I must be in full force to inform them of their impending groundings of which they are currently blissfully unaware… Must to their dismay they will find that upon inspection of the video game haven last night I discovered a still running and open program on a computer, an uncovered modem they left open to the evil cat forces, and empty soda bottles and candy wrappers tucked under many objects.

    Time to prepare for the soon to be administed Doom Of The Mommy.

  • When I was four or five, I peed in a bucket and mixed it with Mr. Clean and Listerine and other household items I could find in the bathroom. My mom found me in the bathroom and almost had a coronary. The Mr. Yuck stickers went on every cleaning product after that. So peeing in a suitcase isn’t all that weird. I feel bad for the poor lug that wanted to use that thing later, though.

  • Bye, Jess. Go administer your Mom Doom. And if you should happen to make your boys cry like little schoolgirls, I hope you’ll be good enough to post pictures.

  • Leta in black and white…lovely, huggable and eatable as always.


    Yes, eatable!

  • Bucky, is that a trick question? Or do you really want an answer to it?

    Because I might be able to come up with something if I think about it real long and real hard….

  • Mike

    Pokey was a small plastic horse. You are saying you are hung like a small plastic horse? THIS wold not necessarily be a good thing.


    “real long and real hard….”

    Like THIS, JessicaRabbit?

  • Jess, I beg of you, please don’t make my brain explode right now. I am actually usin’ it at work.

    OK, blatant lie. But still, it would be a huge mess, and frankly, I really like this jacket and wouldn’t want to be peeling my frontal lobe off the lapels anytime soon.

  • I have a list of names that need to be placed on my boobs, I also have a shopping list to get washable markers and not the permanent ones that make me high to sniff my own boobs.

    Katie, rock your world huh? well then, Ill see what I can do, but im just one girl with big boobs…:)

  • God I want to read her blog when she grows up and reads this one!

  • Susie must be hanging out with my cat, Linus.

  • Mike

    Pokey, I did not mean to imply that you were a has-been. I only said that you were a little orange plastic horse. I thought I had gotten rid of you when I taped that firecracker to you and threw you out the window. Is that really you Pokey?

  • Yes, because you know how much I HATE to be bothered at work.

    I do not see the monkeys. Hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm

    Mike, you know you get 10 more minutes in purgatory for the whole firecracker-Pokey thing, right?


    Write ME, Jess. No one ever writes my name on their parts.
    I’ll write your name on THIS.

  • Big Gay Sam

    That is one precious little bundle of joy. :op

  • becaru

    if you adjust your sock more than three times, you’re playing with yourself.


    Then Bucky will rub IT off.

  • Jess, for god’s sake, how many jokes can burst into my head at once before my brain explodes?

    But yes, rubbing it off too many times a day can cause tenderness, chafing, and the inability to walk normally.

  • Pokey, aww are you neglected? Maybe all the girls are timid around your enormous, your huge, your very well known, ahhh, THIS.

  • I think Jessica has some nice hoots. But I still want you to write “Katie Rocks my World” on your hoots. That would make my day.


    Neglected. That’s what I am. And left at the altar, I mean, feed box, by Flanella Jo Washington, heartbreaker.


    Mike, you don’t want to mess with THIS. The ladies can tell you. What do you mean “was”? I am no has-been horse, Mike.

  • I SPD should be stuff your face day.

  • Pokey, yes exactly like that!

    Bucky, Ok Ok Ill try not to bother you at work, I guess I’ll just sit here and try to find some way I can amuse myself. Maybe there is some type of game I can play with my self….

  • OMG 169 comments! You have the makings for a cult here. I suggest you grasp the power and make us drink kool aid 😉
    I prefer fruit punch, or that magic blue kind.

    It really was a nice 15mo. letter though. Happy 15th MonthBirthDayCelebrationThingy Leta!

  • I can tell you from experience Mike, there is nothing small OR plastic about Pokey.

  • Oh hey Bucky?


  • Torrie, your so right. I havent been able to walk right for weeks now, ever since that one lovely night that Pokey let me, pet his trick pony…

  • Bucky, you do not SeaMonkeys?


    I’ll let my ladies defend my HONOR, Mike. They’re doing a fine job, as always.

    I must be off, now. There are other fine ladies in need of my SERVICES.

  • How the hell do I explain
    I’ve got seamonkeys on the brain
    In my hair and on my chin
    He never holds those ‘monkeys in.

  • Texas Andi

    Leta is adorable….first they stand…then they talk….then they talk back. UUUGGGGHHH!

    Love to see pictures of your little Leta.

  • That picture is so dark I had to clean my monitor to find the cutie pie hiding behind all the dust.

  • becaru

    My nephew used to throw himself on the ground when he was having a tantrum. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he tried it at my ranch-house-built-on-a-cement-slab. He only did it that once for me.
    Happy 15 months, Leego!

  • Great newsletter, even better pictures today! I find it odd that there are no pictures of me when I was little, certainly not a newsletter which chronicles my young life. Leta is seriously going to treasure this more than any material possession in the world. She is lucky to have such wonderful people all around her, waiting on her next move. Keep up the amazing, arduous task of being parents, she will remember a lot more than you think, especially if it’s good times.

  • The very first piece of advice I received when I was pregnant was, “Always enjoy the moment, and don’t rush into the next stage. They’ll get there eventually. Enjoy where they are now.” It’s so true, and I like how you mentioned it in your newsletter. Well said.

  • anonymous (I don’t want my hubby to know it’s me)

    I know this is kinda late in the discussion but KBBAW & Greenie–ein Gros Schwanz is a big dick (slang)–I took german at the university and am learning more. My hubby wanted me to learn but he’s been teaching me all the bad words. Another word for it is schlang (pr: schlong)
    eg: Mein Mann hat ein gros und lang schwanz

  • I love the things your sister says. Classic- “Get off the bed with the cheeto hands!” Crack me up!

  • Schlong – I use that as an English word for wanker. Those Germans have the best slang.

    BFE, I just listened to your audio blog. You have such a sexy man voice! I still find it hard to believe that people call you “Sir”. You look quite bibacious to me.

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