Jon and I are getting on a plane to return home in about four hours. There are so many stories to tell and more pictures to post, and we’ve tried to spend the last two days soaking in the city. Our experience here had been nothing short of transforming — we want to pack the local neighborhood bar into our suitcase — and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, about the local hospitality and the way the canal houses lean subtly toward the street, about the somewhat disturbing call we received from my mother on Sunday afternoon.

I’ll leave you with a paragraph from an email my mother sent us last night:

“Leta has been the most precious experience we could have. She is a child filled with joy and wonderment. When Rob leaves the room she calls ‘Wob, come back.’ She has started to call me Gommy. I just melt when she runs after me calling me that endearing name. She loves Disney gummy greats, chocolate covered raisins and McDonald’s hashbrowns. As you can see she has really developed some healthy eating habits.


P.S. She is hugging my knee and calling me Gommy, Gommy.”

I can’t wait to see that kid and have her reach her little fingers into my mouth to try and yank out my gum.