Every morning after we all lounge in bed with a bowl of generic Fruit Loops and a huge serving of the local news Leta indicates that she has had enough of our boring morning routine by chirping, “Change dee diaper?” It’s always a question, and she always nods her head vigorously when she asks it. The first time that question ever came out of her mouth I wanted to throw up because I thought perhaps she might be ready for potty-training — honestly, that is not an experience in life that I need to have, you know? I can’t imagine many people lying on their death bed wondering, “If only I could have potty-trained a child.”

I am looking forward to that experience much like I look forward to a cold sore.

I soon realized that she was only imitating a question I have asked out loud every morning for over two years: “Change your diaper?” I never expected her to respond to the question, it was more of an indication that we should get out of bed and get going. I could have said anything and she would have caught on to the idea. Now I wish I had been more creative with my choice of words because I think it would be wonderful multiplied by infinity if every morning Leta turned to me and asked, “Smoke a bowl?”