One trick the dog taught himself

A few months ago we had a couple lines in our sprinkler system replaced at the same time that we forced a family of tarantulas to relocate to someplace other than NEAR ME. We paid good money for the new sprinklers, but recently we noticed that they have been watering the face of the house instead of the yard. Jon has spent several hours in the last week trying to fix the problem, and one afternoon as he was bending over the valve box one of the knobs snapped off and a gust of water shot up straight into his face. A similar gust of obscenities then exploded out of his mouth, down from the black spot in his brain that had rotted out from watching a single episode of “Access Hollywood.”

Yesterday while Jon was doing some final adjustments, Chuck ran back and forth between sprinklers trying to stop them with his mouth. We’ve caught this struggle before on camera, but yesterday was this first time we got in on video. What you won’t hear is Leta screaming in the background because she thinks Chuck is hurting the water, and me trying to explain that water doesn’t have nerve-endings, so it probably doesn’t feel a thing, but that’s awful cute of you to care like that, Sugar Booger.

Launch video.

(We’re trying out something new this week with the video because the file is so big [8.3 MB]. It’s only available in quicktime because we haven’t figured out how to get flash files to work with the new video hosting service. If you don’t have the latest version of Quicktime installed, you can download it here.)