Christmas time in the city

Jon and I are headed to New York in the morning because I am scheduled to meet face to face with the company who sued me, and we’re all going to pretend nothing ever happened. I’ve got a few pieces of jewelry I need to return to them, a couple rings that slipped off while they had their fist up my ass. Did I just say that out loud? Do you think they are still reading this? I guess I’ll find out!

Joking aside, I do have a pretty positive attitude about going forward, and since I am going to do some work for these people, I’m going to try to make it as pleasant as possible, with a few unexpected jokes about fisting thrown in.

And just now my dad’s forehead made contact with his monitor.

Jon hasn’t been to New York since the very early 90’s, so I’m very excited to see things with him, things I didn’t have time to see on my last trip. Everyone has told me that NY is spectacular during the holidays, so we’re staying through the weekend to take in as much as we can. We’re not in a huge hurry to get back because Leta is staying with my mother and would move in with her if we’d let her, something I might consider just for all the free moisturizing conditioner we’d get in return.

As a send-off gift Leta gave me a black eye yesterday morning when we were all lying in bed. She was trying to move one of the seven Dora books that she now sleeps with, books that must be transported into and out of her bed with her, all at the same time, and it accidentally flew out of her hand. The corner barely missed my right eyeball, and now I have a bruise in the shape of a knuckle on on my face. I’m lucky that it was one of the smaller books and not the 1-square foot, 3-pound, 162 page Dora Epic that the neighbor let her borrow, that she has slept on top of and clutched to her chest as if it were the Arc of the Covenant. That tome is almost as big as she is, and I’m thinking she’d have more luck making it to the end of Ulysses.

We’ll be posting a ton of photos and updating when we can. This trip should be even better than the last one as this time I’m bringing comfortable shoes and my best friend.