From the SD card

A few weeks ago we got a small HP point-and-shoot camera to carry around when we didn’t want to lug around all the big Canon gear, and we didn’t know this when we got it but it also records short videos. So we’ve been shooting a lot more video in the last month, albeit shorter videos, and I’d forgotten to pull them all of the memory card until tonight, and when I did I found all these pictures I’d forgotten about, like this one of our friend’s cleavage:

That’s Cami. She, like GEORGE!, is from Texas, so that explains what she’s wearing.

She’s also Mormon, and so I don’t know what she’s going to do to me when she discovers that I’ve posted this picture, but I’m not too worried. She can’t do anything too physically violent because she’s got to be worthy to take the sacrament on Sunday. This is one of two instances when all those Mormon rules have enhanced my life, the other one being that the more Mormons there are at a party, the more booze there is for me.

Here’s one of me and GEORGE! and Cami being very white, well, except for GEORGE! He’s looking very Mexican:

God, I hate it when I do this in photos, but it’s almost a compulsion, and just when I think I’m safe my hand jumps up into the frame and my face involuntarily contorts itself into TOTAL ASSHOLE.

Here’s a cute one of Leta and her father, and the reason I wanted to post this one is because it was one of the last times I got her to smile for the camera. Now all she does when I break all the camera is stick out her tongue and go, “BLLLLEEEEGH. I FARTED, GET IT?”

And this one is of our nephew Tomu begging me to pull his finger. Sorry, but I am not that stupid.

I’ve uploaded a couple videos to Vimeo to try out that service, and I think it might solve some of the issues people have had in the past when trying to watch videos on this website. The first one is what I like to call How Long Before Chuck Bites Off My Hand:

And this one? This one goes out to all the ladies: