This is how new parents spend their Friday nights

Last night Jon was cleaning off one of the 700 hard drives we have scattered around the house when he stumbled across a collection of videos we took during Leta’s first year that we totally forgot we had. I’ve been sitting here for the last hour watching all of them, twice and then three times, and it’s blowing my mind that the whole time we were living with that particular kid we had no idea what it would be like three years later when she would walk up on the two legs we thought she’d never use and describe the behavior of a malfunctioning mechanical object as “totally freaking out.”

The first video I want to post is the one where she discovered splashing. She wasn’t even a year old and was still small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink, and it’s a reminder of how the human brain goes missing when it comes in close proximity to a chubby baby. By the way Jon and I are carrying on you’d think we were witnessing something sensational, like maybe a magician swallowing a flaming sword, when in fact, no, it’s nothing like that at all, it’s just OMG OUR BABY MADE A NOISE!!!!