Magnetic dress-up dolls

Ok, so… I know that this is going to infuriate someone’s delicate sense of what is and is not proper, but when the whole family was in San Francisco last September we stopped at the coolest little shop called Stumasa on Frederick Street and I found this adorable dress-up doll set and bought it for Leta. Not because I’m trying to teach her that fashion or consumption is important or that she should at all be concerned about appearances, blah blah blah SHUT UP, but because we were desperate to find something that would distract her on the plane ride home. And did it ever work, they kept her quiet and I didn’t have to sky dive off the plane’s wing.

Stumasa doesn’t sell them on their website, but I did a quick Google search and found the exact set here at a shop called Galison. Also did a search for the illustrator, Lorena Siminovich, and found her awesome portfolio. Y’all, I’m loving the Internet today.