Abstract acrylic painting

I got several requests this week to post a picture of the entire painting that was in the background of an earlier photo, and so here it is. It’s called Melody and Counter Melody, acrylic on canvas, and the artist is the wife of one of Jon’s best friends from high school. I’d seen her work at a friend’s house, and when we were looking to invest in a statement piece for our living room I couldn’t think of a style that represented my aesthetic better. I asked her to send me some slides, and this is the one we chose.

Not sure if she’s selling these to the public, but we’ll ask her and if she is I’ll post the information once she gives the go ahead. Also in the photo is a mid-century sideboard that we bought from the Green Ant as a place for Leta to store all her Stuff. Essentially, that is her piece of furniture and no one is allowed to put anything in it but her, so if you open the drawers you’ll find a ton of princess books and several Ariel dolls. Every night before bed we make her put her Stuff away, and when we come upstairs in the morning she says, “All my Stuff is in the new thing!” It’s called Making Clean-Up Exciting!