NYC book signing and meet-and-greet

We finally nailed down the time and location for the book signing in New York (Brooklyn) this Wednesday:

Soda Bar
629 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Starts at 5:30 PM and will go until almost 8 PM

I know it’s not in Manhattan, but on such short notice this was one of the best places we could get. “We” being Sarah Brown’s agent, Anne Garrett, someone who doesn’t know me or have anything to do with my book. She totally stepped up and arranged the whole thing. I was so grateful to both Sarah and Anne for helping me out in this pinch that I vowed I would name my next child Sarah Anne, even if it’s a boy. And I have to agree with Sarah when she said, “That Sarah Anne will get so much pussy.” And right now I’m counting down to the email from the cranky reader who CANNOT BELIEVE I just blogged about my hypothetical child’s sex life.

Please come say hello even if you couldn’t care less about the book (although there will be some copies there if you’d like to pick one up). I’d still love to meet you and challenge you to a game of quarters. Although that’s not really a game I perfected in college. The one we always played at BYU was called Let’s Have Sex With All Of Our Clothes On. I was a total pro.