From one of my favorite albums of the last year

This is Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, and his album For Emma, Forever Ago was written and recorded when he moved to a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter. Here he’s playing “Flume” from the album:

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but oh my god, is this ever the album that I needed to come into my life right now. I think he’s magnificent and have been listening to nothing else for a week. If you’re looking for something to help you heal, no matter what went wrong, go buy this album.

(p.s. you guys are awesome, thank you for the comments and the email, if anyone ever had any doubts about the Internet and it’s ability to do anything good, go read the comments from my last post. Right there, reason to believe that all the wires and servers and satellites that make this whole thing run, they’re here to help us make the world a better place. I know, GROSS, but wow, you guys made such a difference.)