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Conquering my acrophobia

Yesterday we all went parasailing, everyone except Leta who sat in the corner of the boat with her thumb in her mouth. Although, I am just as proud of her as I am of myself because it could have been a terrible hour-long boat ride, but she sucked it up, remained calm and didn’t complain once. But was she ever happy when it was over, even proclaiming happily as she set foot on the dock, “I love to go on boats every day!”

This is a photo of me and Jon up in the air hanging from a tiny parachute (thanks to Carol for taking the photo). Parasailing turned out to be totally different than I thought it was going to be, and instead of screaming my head off in fear I sat up there 800 feet in the air and sighed. And it was so quiet up there that I could hear myself sigh. Until I saw that giant shark swimming directly beneath us, I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

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