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The Most Awesome Shoes EVER

These shoes are the most fashionable and best for your feet. They truly are. It’s important to recognize this fact and realize also that clogs are the result of hundreds of years of shoe design. If only more people would realize that clogs are so great, the world would be a better place.


Dooce readers, I have an admin login. I can take this over at ANY time.


  • admin


  • dooce

    you are a sad, sad man.

  • Heather is gonna kick your ass!

  • monkeyaker


  • Girl Friday


  • Kim

    Hahahahah!!! Great hijack! Clogs, while not the best looking footwear – do rule!!

  • The revenge of the clogged is so sweet.

  • admin

    A sad, sad man with an ADMIN login.


  • KU

    I LOVE IT. (Chanting Jon!!!1 Jon!!!! Jon !!!!!!!)

  • This actually scared me. I immediately knew all was not right. You’re a little evil, I think.

  • Sarah

    I knew something was awry when I saw that picture…I thought Dooce had lost her lost it.

  • You should be ashamed. Ashamed of overtaking dooce, but mostly of those damn clogs.

  • Veruka

    Sorry, I still think clogs are about one of the ugliest shoes ever. Right up there with those gladiator shoes that all the actresses are wearing.

  • I have to admit, clogs are pretty much the most comfortable shoes ever… in fact, I’m wearing a pair right now. And mine are even less cool than those because I am really small feet and am wearing a child’s clogs. With zebra striped fur lining.

  • Oh my…
    I’m just glad you didn’t say crocs…

  • THAT IS AWESOME! And hilarious at the very same time…poor Heather! (She’s right though, clogs are atrocious.)

  • HAH!!

    I was going to say, did somebody start smoking crack over there?

  • Clogs are indeed THE most awesome shoes (says she genuflecting before the clog of man-made material) … I recently had to overcome my aversion to Crocs too. Shudder. Been resisting that one for years and finally CAVED.

  • OMG. hold it, Heather did not write this into a pre-nup?

    this could go badly for you, even if the in-laws think you walk on water.

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