Afterward we cut them up, tossed them on a peanut butter sandwich and fed them to Elvis

Me: “Jon, I have no idea how we’re going to dress up the dogs for Halloween this year.”

Jon: “How about Chuck as McCain, Coco as Palin?”

Me: “Too topical.”

Jon: “Batman and Robin?”

Me: “Too popular.”

Jon: “Woody Allen and Annie Hall?”

Me: “How on earth—”

Jon: “Ahmadinejad?”

Me: “Who is Ahmadinejad’s sidekick?”

Jon: “Satan.”

Me: “We’ve already done that.”

Jon: “This conversation is starting to feel exactly like asking Leta what she wants for dinner.”

Me: “Except I don’t want to dress the dogs up as chicken nuggets.”

Jon: “How about something literal? Maybe dress them up as nuts?”

Me: “Ooooh, you’re on to something!”