the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Listening to: Cut Copy

Jon and I have a membership at a nearby gym and have made a habit out of working out at least three times a week since we moved back to Utah from LA. Our gym is famous for its intensive classes, but I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of being able to hop onto an elliptical trainer when I have a spare hour. Also, I have absolutely no coordination and feel I am doing a service to my fellow gym-goer by staying out of the classes. You do not want a 5’11” telephone pole with live wires for arms attempting that stair stepping routine next to you, not if you’d like to go about the rest of your day with all of your facial features intact.

So I’m always looking for great music to add to my iPhone, something upbeat and energetic, something to motivate my workout, and recently I discovered the band Cut Copy, a band from Melbourne, Australia. Their recent album In Ghost Colours is the perfect soundtrack to a fat-burning heartbeat. Love, love, love it, love working out to it, love playing it in the car on the drive to Leta’s school. They are heavily influenced by 80s new wave which you can hear distinctly in my favorite song from the album, Lights and Music:

The following song, Hearts on Fire, is a bit more dance-inspired, but fantastic nonetheless:

These guys also fit into what Jon calls Gay Techno Dance Jam, a label he made up himself when determining what to call his workout playlist. So there’s his ringing endorsement as well.

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