the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Because they were out of GWAR cake toppers

Five years ago at this exact moment a wall-eyed anesthesiologist was sticking an enormous needle in my back in order to administer an epidural. To celebrate the anniversary of this event I made cupcakes.


They were out of GWAR cake toppers

I’ve spent the last two days preparing for Leta’s birthday, and instead of just buying cupcakes for her party I indulged the Mormon in me. Meaning I had my sister wife make them. I guess this means she’s the one getting lucky tonight THANK GOD.

Huge birthday post coming tomorrow, and when I told Leta what I was doing, writing down all these feelings I have for her and would she like to hear them all, she goes, “Sure, if I can have some ice cream after.” It’s her birthday tomorrow, I guess I can unchain her from the boiler long enough for dessert.

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