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Zen master vs. toddler on meth

  • my dogs will give these two a run for their kibble.

  • Steph

    I love Chuck. I really do.
    My dog is more of a Coco-type. Haha.

  • Marie

    So funny.

  • Chuck, I know you’re a dog but I ♥ you and hate that you have to put up with Coco and her squeaking…though Coco is awfully cute.

  • Anonymous

    Coco in the background is hilarious!!

  • I kept expecting Chuck to turn and say FU leave me alone. He kept blinking as Jon was questioning him in such a way as if to say you’re annoying me! Coco in the background playing with her toy was cute too!

  • dooce

    #1 Milla, that’s Juice! JUICE! OH MY GOD! Tell Juice that Chuck says hi! We’ve got video of Chuck and Juice playing when they were both just a few months old, we’ll have to go find it now.

  • Cate

    speaking with the eyebrows! i love animals with expressive faces.

  • Betsy

    I have perma-grin.

  • maestra

    Thanks for the laugh… that was awesome! If only I could go through life as unrattled as Chuck.

  • very cute. almost makes me want a chuck-dog. i can totally see what he’s thinking. and i love how coco is noisily begging for attention.

  • LOL! I couldn’t tell if Chuck was, as Rochelle (#6) said, blinking out of annoyance, or if he was FALLING ASLEEP!! (I mean, Jon’s voice really is quite soothing.)

    Either way, AWESOME video. Of both dogs.

  • lol Chuck reminds me of our dog, Bailey! She looks at us from the side without fully turning her head… we call it her “sketch – eye look” because she seems so sketched out like something is wrong. Funny!

  • Love it! Chuck is just like… yeah… if you could get that camera out of my face and stop talking to me… that would be great.

    I wish my cat would hold this still for photoshoots. She tends to get camera shy and start running around like Coco in the background as soon as she sees the camera come out.

  • Can I teach my baby how to do that?

  • Anonymous

    Have a Coco.
    Looking for a Chuck.

  • My Lab Cosette will do this exact same thing with me – maybe it’s a Lab thing? Looks like Chuck has a little Lab in him 🙂
    She’ll do it especially if she knows that she is going to be kissed on her head soon after I’m done. She wants to be obedient and loving, but not looking forward to the upcoming sign of affection, so she’s listening but acts like she’s not. Ha!
    Chuck and Coco are too cute.

  • Chuck needs his own talk show. He makes far more sense than any of the political pundits I’ve seen!

  • Nanci

    They are so awesome. I sent you an e-mail recently with pics of my two puppies. They definitely have a Chuck and Coco vibe going on. Although since my Chuck is still a puppy, he instigates very well. 🙂

  • Reminds me of my two kids. The older one–much calmer. The second one–well she could give Coco a run for her money. While she might not eat her own poop–she does enjoy sticking her hands into her dirty diaper to show you she needs a new one. Not quite the endearing quality one looks for in an 18-month-old girl. Like you often say–she is really lucky she is cute.

  • Kit

    phenomenal, I love it

  • hi, heather! please send me the video — would love to see the young kids tussling. i still have some photos of their play dates i can send you. Juice has her very own Coco now. i call her Pinko — shepard mix i got about two years ago that antagonizes juice (and me) to no end. she is an insane animal and she talks!

    here’s a photo of our kids french kissing back in the day. Chuck was a different dog back then from how you depict him now. i remember him being decidedly more dog like. just bring him back to cali and he’ll shape up fast. and tell Chuck that Juice says “hi” back. he was always her favorite. 🙂

  • Tara’s mom

    Can you board Chuck at my house next time you travel?

  • Oh how I love Chuck! I have one just like him at home and then this summer, I got the brilliant idea to bring home two kittens. Yeah, he’s thrilled.

  • Hummingbird

    I live with the Brittany Spaniel version of Coco. The squeaking in the video was enough to send her into convulsions, and racing around the house for a good 5 minutes. We have no Chuck to balance her out. Chuck’s expressions always crack me up!

  • He’s all, “I know you’re going to put this on the internet; leave me alone.” And Coco’s all, “I’m going to make as much noise as possible so they’ll put me on the internet!” So cute.

  • Annie

    Chuck rocks!

  • JennyM

    I know you probably love getting email with videos from strangers, but if I can capture a typical evening in my house I’m sending it to you. Clifford (our Chuck) with THAT EXACT EXPRESSION while Mabel (our Coco) writhes on her back in the background trying to capture and kill her own tail. If you say anything to Cliff, he just looks at you like that, all, this was your idea, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT?

  • poor chuck…upstaged from somewhere off stage by the most annoying thing in the known universe, and she was yielding a squeak toy, to boot!!

  • Kri

    LoL. I don’t know if it is the complete lack of sleep or just simply that that video is hilarious as hell, but I haven’t laughed like that in a while. Chuck reminds me what it is like to have a good dog that listens – a reminder that fills my soul with tears since I live in a home full of 3 psychotic Jack Russels (oh, and did I fail to mention that Jack’s are COMPLETELY neurotic?? they ARE!)

    Heh. Hearts to you all. I can’t wait for baby to be here!!

  • Oh, hilarious! Love it. My dog also refuses to look at me when I have the camera in front of my face.

    Even funnier is that the captcha down below says effaced by.
    Maybe that’s a hint that you will be having the baby soon?! ;o)

  • Cee

    My dachshund is just like that too, when he’s “busy” (ie watching food or guarding the front door). I’ll just sit there going SAM. SAM. SAM. HEY SAM until he finally looks at me out of the corner of his eye.

  • Kim

    That made me shake silently with laughter (watched it at work)! Chuck is even more Zen than I could have imagined, and Coco … well, she’s as crazy as you say!

  • I love it! It is especially great that he doesn’t even flinch at the squeaking noises from Coco’s toy. Totally undeterred, that dog is.

  • Jess

    Poor Avoidance Chuck.

    I love when Coco cocks her head and gets up, like all of a sudden she realizes that squeaky squirrel in the other room needs killing.

  • Standing still and ignoring Jon is obviously exhausting.

  • Hilarious. This in conjunction with your last post in which Coco is losing her shit over a stick made me do that snort-laugh people do when they’re reading something at work and it’s very quiet and they’re trying not to make a loud guffaw noise.

    So worth it, though.

  • I love Chuck.

    Also, I love that he sits still so well. That’s amazing. WHY CAN I NOT GET MY DOG TO DO THIS?!

  • Off topic, but I just wanted to be the first to say regarding the new nursery? I liked it better before.

    Chuck, I love you.

  • Personally, I think Chuck would rather be driven around in a limousine. Having to drive yourself around is so human.

  • The look of utter disdain on Chuck’s face says it all. You know he’s thinking on the inside:

    “why won’t this guy just shut up. And what is it with these people and their cameras. Honestly, can’t they see I have better things to do with my time. And this line of questioning – gimme a break. Domestic versus foreign? Dude, NO OPPOSABLE THUMBS! Or did you conveniently forget about that? idiot.”

  • Jess

    Can I also add, I read the title of this post and thought you were going to have Leta talking for Chuck.

  • If Leta is a Chuck, does that mean New Baby Armstrong will be a Coco??!?! I’m so sorry I said that.

  • LOL – Dogs must think we are complete dumb asses – I get those same looks too. Blink, blink. They probably hold the key to all life’s troubles – arg!!! IF ONLY they would have been given the gift to form words!

  • I love how completely disinterested he looks.

    Also, just finished “It Sucked & Then I Cried”. You kick major, serious, intense amounts of ass. For real.

  • funny stuff

  • Ellen

    Hahah, I love how Chuck is just sitting there like “yeah, whatever” and Coco’s spazzing in the background.

    I think a Buick would fit Chuck nicely, yeah?

  • That dog is seriously part cat. I’ve never met a dog that calm before. And Coco cracking out in the background? Priceless. That is how dogs I know act.

  • James

    Wow, the look of disgust Chuck gave John when he suggested GM makes me wonder if Chuck has some inside information on the business’s future.

  • Shaun

    Dear Chuck,

    I’m dreaming of a deserted island, too!

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