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Zen master vs. toddler on meth

  • I was about to off myself until I watched that. Thanks Jon and Heather for that enlightening experience…for reminding me that even when life sucks at least there are some awesome dogs in this world. Woo!

  • AGreenEyeDevil

    The sheer disdain in Chuck’s demeanor is priceless and the total abandon in Coco’s attitude cracks me up…I can only imagine what it’s really like to live under the same roof as these two delightful creatures!

  • I would love to hear the sound of a squeaky toy for longer than 2 seconds, it would mean my wall and furniture is not being chewed on. I’ve stopped buying expensive dog toys and just getting 99 cent stuffed animals since they last such a short time. My dog can snap a tennis ball in one bite, chew through hard rubber tires and the frozen kong with peanut butter lasted her maybe 10 minutes. She had it all out and was begging for more. Imagine a very hairy member of KISS laying on your floor.

  • Oh. My. GOSH that is funny!!

    Gotta love our furry kids… right???

    Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit!

  • Anonymous

    That is so William Wegman-ish! Very funny!

  • Lisa

    That’s hysterical. Like, slap your momma silly funny. I love it!

  • Zina

    I hope you’ll forgive that this comment both is not about Chuck and also offers unsolicited advice, but I just watched the Momversation and I want to offer the one piece of advice that helped me a lot with my second child, once I figured it out: Remember and believe that having a sibling is going to be the best thing ever for Leta, in spite of or even because of the challenges it will bring into her life. Then convey that belief in how you interact with her and the confidence you show in her. When my first would interrupt while I was, for example, trying to nurse my second baby (once he even grabbed her head and pulled her away – ouch!,) because I felt guilty for his having to share me, I’d react passively and tentatively at first, and then, as his behaviors escalated, I would snap. Once I’d thought it through and realized that he was going to survive sharing my attention just fine, I was much more firm and calm with him. Don’t try to keep Leta’s life unchanged — just believe it’s a wonderful change for her. (Bonus: a five-year-old will be able to help a lot — like bring you the ringing phone while you’re nursing, etc. Actually a kid as precocious as Leta could probably change diapers. Not that I’m recommending that, but I’ll bet she could.)

    Good luck!

  • SupaCoo

    Dooce, I looked at your daily picture “The Sanfords” today and OMG. I love how Chuck is standing next to Jon going “Dude, what’s up, what’s going on, what’s wrong??” And Coco? In the background being a spaz. (Or, I guess you’d call that being normal?)

  • wheezer345

    I LOVE IT! More movies with Cuck and Coco!

  • That is HYSTERICAL! Of course, having just wrapped up a writing project at nearly 4:00 a.m., I’m exhausted enough that everything is funny. But the Sanfords, and this clip just cracked me up. Chuck is so adorable. I want a dog like Chuck!

  • nice dog….I took it as a logo on my site

  • Rissa

    Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing. I’m sure the fact that I’m going on 20 hours without sleep has something to do with it, but maybe not. Amazing dynamic there captured perfectly. Oh how I love them both.

  • God, I love you Chuck!
    I think I saw a decidedly strong reaction to the Ford Focus.

  • So so pretty that chuck is.

  • This video made my day. Love ya chuck!


  • The Senator is clearly saying “Please, no comments. Talk to my people.”

    Coco, on the other hand, reminds me of a pubescent groupie at a concert for boy-band-of-the-moment. What a psycho.

    My pooch is very Chuck-like but lacks Chuck’s dignity. He did open an eye for Coco’s squeaking, but didn’t keep it open long enough to blink.

    THANK YOU for opening comments!

  • Kristi

    This is awesome! I LOVE Chuck!
    Jon cracks me up – love that line of questioning… so, how about hybrid technology?
    Thanks for posting this, and opening comments. 🙂

  • Sweet Herald


    And I love how you can see Coco in the background of your Sanford picture, prolly rubbing in dog shit 😀

  • Ha, thanks for the morning giggle!

    My dogs blatantly ignore me like that all the time. Or do the 5 minute stretch before coming to me.

  • doobrah

    That is hilarious. They really are polar opposites.

  • Awesome. Your dog(s) crack me up.

    It’s a pity, my dog is a hoot, but doesn’t have much “Chuck” in him. Hrm.

    Happy holiday weekend to you and yours. Stay safe!

  • –>It almost seemed like you were giving Chuck a polygraph test and he was trying not to crack except for that #(&^*%# squeaking in the background. ha!

  • *sigh* My German Shephard, Mattox = 100 lb Coco…he would have done the same thing…

    Love it!

  • Chuck looks like a Pontiac man to Bossy.

  • Amo

    Holy hell, do you REALLY read all these comments? Dang.

    My 10 year old porch hound actually got up to bark at that video. Apparently, she is more of a Chuck fan than I knew. (Or Cocoa’s squeeky was making her crazy as well…)

  • That video made my life.

    Kudos to Jon for asking the tough questions. “What about a hybrid? Are you looking into hybrid technology at all?”

  • I can’t thank you enough for posting this video! It has given me total permagrin this morning.

  • #99

    Me thinks Chuck is camera shy….poor baby! And that Coco…any relation to Paris Hilton?

  • Susie

    Please, more interviews with Chuck.

  • Look at Coco back there trying to steal the show…

    BTW, wasn’t that baby due last month?

  • Dang that is tooooo funny.

  • The Loud One

    Chuck is the BEST!!
    And it appears Coco is totally all over the Toyota idea!
    Thanks for sharing, this made my day!

  • I loved it, but the funny thing is that reminds me of my two girls (yes, children). Exactly the same personalities. While one reads a book for hours, the other can’t sit still for more than 3 minutes.

  • Wow, that was great. Chuck is adorable, and Coco reminds me of my lab – she doesn’t this thing where she jumps around in circles with her rope – we call it Rodeo dog. I strive to get a good shot of it on video. At some points all 4 feet are off the ground. We do not give her squeaky toys – it’s just too much!

  • He’d make a great politician.

  • I was listening to/watching this and my other half says to me, “What are you doing over there?”

    I said, “I’m watching a dude interview his dog.”

    Well, he thought that was really stupid, and I said, “But this is CHUCK!”

    He said, “What’s a Chuck?”

    So I told him about when Chuck alerted you guys to the HUGE raccoon in your chimney and now Chuck has a new fan on the block.


    Chuck is the coolest dog EVAH!

  • Jennifer in PA

    I LOVE CHUCK!!! I wish I knew what blend of breeds he is so I could find a dog just like him. He’s gorgeous and sweet. I hope there’s a big ol’ pile of treats waiting for him when you bring baby #2 home!

  • Becky

    Jon is Wallace, Chuck is Gromit. Coco might be the penguin.

  • Tara

    I LOVE Chuck. Love him! Coco is very cute, but I imagine she would grate my last nerve constantly.

    I, unfortunately, have a CAT who is sort of like Coco. Just try to wrap your head around that one.

  • Anonymous


  • CJ

    MORE CHUCK VIDEOS! I think you need to have a series of in-depth and thought-provoking interviews.

    Coco in the background cracks me up. At least she seems to be kind of entertaining herself.

  • We have this exact situation at our house: the 9 year old mutt and the 9 month old Great Dane puppy. Our mutt, Zoe, is so, so tolerant of Holy Moly, the puppy. And bored at the same time. We bore our dog. How pathetic is that?

  • Chuck seems like such an old, gentle, and incredibly tolerant soul. The poor thing. I love him.

  • Leann

    I heart Chuck!

  • Debra

    you crack me up! Only thing Chuck is missing… his reading glasses.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please please PLEASE do post an interview with Coco the next time!

  • Joyce

    I love me some Chuck!!

  • My best friend announced recently that she was considering getting a mini Australian Shepard. I said “One word: Dooce.”

    She came to her senses.

  • Brook

    LOVE IT!!!

  • HA! Great video.

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