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This entry will eventually make sense, so stay with me:

I follow a woman on Twitter named Jelisa Castrodale who goes by the handle gordonshumway, and yesterday I had a good half-hour giggle over this update:

What am I supposed to call it? Has someone come up with a replacement word for it? Because I was going to begin this post by saying that one of the recent albums I bought… and then I remembered her update and got all self-conscious and was all, when kids see me do they go home and have nightmares about zombies? Because I guess I’m old and senile in the sense that I still buy whole albums and not just individual songs. It’s a habit I cannot break, maybe because some bands used to write songs with the theme and dialogue of the whole album in mind? And I’m trying to honor that artistry? Or am I just an asshole?

WHAT DO I CALL IT NOW? The whole collection of downloadable MP3s? Who has the attention span for that? HOW MANY QUESTION MARKS CAN I FIT IN ONE BLOG POST?

God. Whatever. I bought the new Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest, and it is incredible, in particular a song called “Two Weeks” that caused Leta to run into the room when I was playing it for the first time and say, “I believe this is a song we could dance to in the kitchen.” I think that’s the new thumbs up or five-star review, kids. You cannot get a better endorsement than that.

And then yesterday a reader named Alissa sent me a link to this fan video of that exact song, and upon watching it my jaw fell off my face and bounced on the floor. Note: I said fan video. This is not the official video, but something someone made in his spare time out of the love of what he does. I don’t know much about this guy, his name is Gabe Askew, but I hope whoever employs him pays him a lot of money.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew.

How unbelievable and beautiful is that? Leta heard me watching it on my laptop, came running over, and then we watched it about fifteen times in a row. All of this is to say THE INTERNET IS SO AWESOME. Case in point: the White House corresponded with my husband.

  • I frequently wonder what the hell I was doing in the 80’s without the internet.

  • Jackie


  • Whoa, I have a hard time believing this is a fan video as well. I do love when the fan videos somehow magically happen to be better then the original video of the artist.

    Now I need to go find and download the song (since I don’t do albums, haha).

    Thanks for sharing the music. 🙂

  • i love that album too! and the word used should be album … let’s not let that word die.

  • Wait, I can’t call them “albums” anymore? I mean, I can see bagging “LP,” but “album”? No, I’m not going along with this. Screw Abercrombie-ish guy.

    P.S.: Tell Jon I have a few requests for Barack, so if you guys could let me know when he’s coming over to your place for dinner, I’d appreciate it.

  • Alli E.

    I must say, we’ve been listening to the entire Veckatimest “album” (hell yeah I still say it) for a couple months now and I give 100% of the credit of my as-of-today successful pregnancy to it. God bless Grizzly Bear.

  • Sounds like the next Apple commercial song. 😛

    Or maybe the next Prius commercial song. They’ve done well choosing music lately, and this video reminds me of that style.

    PS: If Leta dances to this, POST THAT VIDEO! She was so cute dancing to Viva La Vida. 🙂

  • Corey

    I still call them Albums too!!

  • What a great video! I can’t wait to show that to my four year old! I don’t think I’ve ever loved any song (or even any pets) enough to invest that kind of time in an homage.

  • I’m 23 and most everyone I know uses the word “album”, some people are just dimwits.

  • iTunes uses the world album, so i think if iTunes/Apple says it, then it’s still cool.

  • That video is amazing! I love it. And, I agree, the internet is awesome. I have NO idea what I would do without it.

  • Isn’t J-Money awesome? She seriously is one of the funniest people I read.

    Her entire post is hysterical!!

  • I love it when you link to new music. I’ve found some of my favorites through you. You should do a music post at least once a week. PURTY PLEASE?

  • Maybe if we all mash our collective brains together, we can solve this “What’re we s’posed to call an album?” thing.

    Record doesn’t work and neither does 78, unless you’re Steve Buscemi in Ghost World.

    Or maybe I just shouldn’t go out ever again.

  • Jen

    I’m hearing impaired, don’t listen to music and despite that, I know that “album” is still used in reference to music.

    I vote for dumb.

  • Brilliant! That is such a great video. I could probably watch it over and over again. If I wasn’t at work.

  • Tera

    I still say the word album but usually I think I just say CD.

  • That video was absolutely awesome. And that song… that band… how did I not have any of their stuff before now? They’re fantastic! Downloading the whole ALBUM now. 😉

    I’m going to have to show Silas this video… not that I’m getting tired of watching “Invincible” by Muse over and over and over. No, not at all.

  • kim

    you know how they say a companies best asset is their employees?….well it looks like maybe this bands (second) best asset is their fans 😀

  • I mean, not that you aren’t awesome, as well…….

    you are. Really.

  • Snow

    Wow, that was a beautiful video. I kept thinking while watching, I bet this guy had awesome diorama’s growing up!

    (We have two elementary age kids who have teachers that love diorama projects!! Uggg!)

  • THANK YOU. I love hearing about new music, and I adore this. I’m on my fourth or fifth viewing of the video already.

    Wait, is saying “video” still cool?

  • Wow. I’m willing to bet Gabe’s video is 1,000 times better than the official one. Brilliant.

    So does anybody know what to call it if it’s not an album? CD? Playlist? Roger?

  • I call it “album,” too, and not because I look for vinyl records over an iTunes download. (Hello, Internet! I’m not pretentious so much as inclined to work at a PC next to a record player. …I’m digging my own hole here.) Anyway, I love that song. It picks me up when I’m down. I’m glad it meets Leta’s approval! 🙂

  • Jeanette

    Oooh, I heard this song on the NPR All Songs Considered “Best of 2009” Poll. You should check it out, awesome stuff on there…

  • Jen

    I’m 22 and call it an album… 22 can’t be old, can it? Abercrombie-ish guy must just be some weird anomaly.

  • andrea r.

    What a coincidence. I was listening to this on the radio on my drive home and I thought to myself “hmm, they sound pretty good, I might have to check them out.” Them coming to Portland and all. Album. I don’t think it should die, but have you noticed how the don’t really know what “rewind” or “fast-forward” is? It has now been replaced by “skip”.

  • “Album” is perfectly acceptable in my book. Isn’t that what i-tunes calls it?

  • ha i love that twitter comment. some attractive men are so ridiculous.

  • Also, via the power of the interwebs, I suggest we campaign that the band use HIS fan video as the actual official video released to the music networks (or do any music networks showing actual videos still exist?)!

  • Oh no! What do I do with all my albums if they’re not albums anymore? It’s heck getting old, that’s all I have to say. Period.

    Thinks are growing like weeds around here.

  • Anonymous

    Release is the word you’re looking for…’have your heard their latest release?’…it’s hep, it’s now, it evokes the pent up creative energy that needed to be shared with the world…also, kind of reminds me of farts, because there’s an aweful lot of hot air being passed off as music these days.

  • I call them albums too, and I think that’s just fine. I think that’s what the artists do anyway, so let’s be cool and stick with them. I also buy the entire album. Can you imagine how many awesome songs you would never have discovered if you only bought the one song you liked first?

  • I call them CDs no matter if I am just buying the song online or actually have a CD that I can hold in my hand.

    I was just watching some funny parts from Home Alone at work with the guys (nice, huh?) and while we were watching the part where Kevin puts saran wrap taped on the door with glue and then set up the fan to blow feathers on Joe Pesci I was wondering, ‘How did he know how to do this without the internet?’

  • WOW. Just. wow.

    (and funny, my captcha words are shorts 45…speaking of albums, remember 45s???)

  • Anonymous

    gordon shumway is alf’s real name

  • I love that song so much. And that video is so crazy and wonderful!

  • Holy hell that is amazing! Just gorgeous and amazing. Thanks for making sure the rest of us got to see that too.

  • Holy hell that is amazing! Just gorgeous and amazing. Thanks for making sure the rest of us got to see that too.

  • People in the industry call them RECORDS, not albums. I personally prefer albums and don’t know what the difference is, but all the musicians I talk to say records.

  • My friend in his 40s makes fun of me for saying “album” like i’m some young whipper-snapper. He calls ’em “records” even if they’re CDs.

  • –>I finally had to admit to myself that the reason I had a miserable time on a week-long, kid-free, all-inclusive vacation with my husband was not because we were the only Americans in the Dominican Republic but I HAD NO INTERNET ACCESS FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

    I call them albums too.

  • I totally agree.! My thought is that bands/people that come out with singles aren’t artists. A true artist can put together multiple tracks that make up an album. Thats talent! Those are true artists and are amazing at what they do. Most of the rest of it is crap. 🙂

  • Bridget

    I had to break up with a REALLY hot guy, because he didn’t know the word genre.

    Thankfully, the next guy I dated after him became my husband 🙂

  • I album as well. And I’m 21.

    That music video is amazing! THE best fan video I’ve ever seen.

  • Pandora

    Hi! Great post! I too have been puzzled by the fading of the concept of “album” (I’ve even caught myself saying “record” as well! Eeep!)
    Also loved Jon’s post. I’ve got something that he may like and may even want to post to the whitehouse twitter (I’m not a user myself):

    I’m thinkin Obama could benefit from seeing it AND using it!

  • Love Grizzly Bear! Amazing video. At 36, I think that by still getting into modern music, I am never old. Rock on!

  • that’s totally trippy…

  • A

    Oh how I love Grizzly Bear.

    Gotta go. Have to wrangle up the horse and buggy. Bringing my 8 track player into the shop.

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