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This entry will eventually make sense, so stay with me:

I follow a woman on Twitter named Jelisa Castrodale who goes by the handle gordonshumway, and yesterday I had a good half-hour giggle over this update:

What am I supposed to call it? Has someone come up with a replacement word for it? Because I was going to begin this post by saying that one of the recent albums I bought… and then I remembered her update and got all self-conscious and was all, when kids see me do they go home and have nightmares about zombies? Because I guess I’m old and senile in the sense that I still buy whole albums and not just individual songs. It’s a habit I cannot break, maybe because some bands used to write songs with the theme and dialogue of the whole album in mind? And I’m trying to honor that artistry? Or am I just an asshole?

WHAT DO I CALL IT NOW? The whole collection of downloadable MP3s? Who has the attention span for that? HOW MANY QUESTION MARKS CAN I FIT IN ONE BLOG POST?

God. Whatever. I bought the new Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest, and it is incredible, in particular a song called “Two Weeks” that caused Leta to run into the room when I was playing it for the first time and say, “I believe this is a song we could dance to in the kitchen.” I think that’s the new thumbs up or five-star review, kids. You cannot get a better endorsement than that.

And then yesterday a reader named Alissa sent me a link to this fan video of that exact song, and upon watching it my jaw fell off my face and bounced on the floor. Note: I said fan video. This is not the official video, but something someone made in his spare time out of the love of what he does. I don’t know much about this guy, his name is Gabe Askew, but I hope whoever employs him pays him a lot of money.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew.

How unbelievable and beautiful is that? Leta heard me watching it on my laptop, came running over, and then we watched it about fifteen times in a row. All of this is to say THE INTERNET IS SO AWESOME. Case in point: the White House corresponded with my husband.

  • I think they’re still called albums, I think that guy she was talking to is just an idiot. He probably thought she meant an actual platter-sized monstrosity, in which case HE’S really the outdated one.

  • I love that you introdue me to new products and music.

  • Ooh, thanks for that. I can tell already I’m going to like them, because all my favorite bands have animals in their names (Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses). I think it’s time for the Grizzly Bears to join my musical menagerie. 🙂

  • 6-month-old babies are mesmerized by that video (studies show.)

  • Ninabi

    I’m in my late forties. Only through the efforts of my daughter (in her twenties) and the links you provide to amazing music do I keep current.

    I remember browsing other people’s album collections when I was a babysitter in my teens and thinking, What dorky music tastes these people have! Don’t they have anything fresh?

    Now I wonder, Do we cast aside older music like last season’s shirt?

    But more often I wonder, Do I have a dorky music collection?

    I wonder what will be played in the nursing home when I get old? Stairway to Heaven?

    And the video of Leta dancing? Loved it! Great music, great moves.

  • Ginger

    Heather – Love the video!

    Whatever happened to Roberta? We haven’t heard about her lately.

  • Wow. I was not expecting such a beautiful song and video. Thank you for posting this. Now off to search for that ALBUM.

  • Beth

    I loved the song! I played the video and my 9 month old came frantically crawling my way. I picked her up and she just stared at the screen with a big smile on her face. Every once in a while she would let out a little giggle. It was so cute. At least I know that she has good taste!

  • Bonni

    Love that video, WOW that guy is awesome. I got caught up in watching it I could hardly listen to the music! I still call them Albums and once in awhile still drop the V word -Video too, Does anyone under 30 even know what a VCR is or a cassette tape. I doubt they’d even recognize an 8-track – I loved those.

  • Nancy

    Great song, amazing video. Thanks for sharing!

    What I want to see though, is a video of Leta dancing in your kitchen singing out the words to the song …just so I can have a good half-hour giggle.

  • Shit in my free time I read magazines. Clearly this guy either has MUCH MORE free time than I do or he I am really under achieving!

  • Tim

    We were discussing this very thing this weekend. Albums are not going to die, because the marketing costs are too high. Can you imagine trying to get a marketing effort going every time you release a new single or EP? Sure if you’re Radiohead you just whisper to a little bird perched on your window and the whole world knows. But for everyone else, even if all your marketing is free, there’s still the time communicating on Twitter, communicating on Facebook, etc.

    Bands are still going to wait until they have enough material collected before taking all that time for marketing. My guess is we’ll still call them albums for convenience.

    People who believe that albums are dead are really just saying they’re assholes who don’t believe in supporting artists.

  • Ha. I like how you said whoever employs him should pay him a lot, unless of course his job is nothing like this sort of amazing-video-making in which case he may be dooced for wasting his time in awesome ways on the Internet.

  • Wow, that was an incredible video. I look to you for new music ideas, I hadn’t heard of Grizzly Bear before. I will definitely look up their ‘album’ and check out their other songs. We do live in amazing times being able to communicate worldwide with a few simple clicks.
    Thank you!

  • You always make me aware of the coolest music!

    I hear you on the albums. We have nowhere to buy them where I live, so I just have my mother’s entire collection from the 70’s and 80’s. My kids look at them like fossils.

  • That was so beautiful – thank you for sharing that. I especially love that it showed two men in love, as opposed to the man + woman theme in EVERY OTHER MAIN STREAM VIDEO.

    That was so incredible. The visuals will stay in my brain longer than the awesome song.

    Oh, and I’m feelin’ ya in the I-use-the-word-“album”-and-am-therefore-old department. Try playing on an old school playground!

    I love you Dooce!

  • I still use the word album. Hell, my 13 year old daughter uses it as well. I say long live the word album. Nothing else sounds quite right.

  • Oh – and thanks for turning me on to Rockabye music from your archives! I just bought a ton of “old” classics!

  • You are not an asshole.

    We are classic and have good taste.

    The End.

    Thanks for the music share – that’s beautiful.

  • Katie in Texas

    Okay, I’m pretty young (27) and I ALWAYS use the word album.

  • That is a lovely song and an incredible video. I don’t know where to find videos I’d enjoy like that on TV, so thanks for sharing. I love sharing my favorite music with my kids. We listen to a lot of Neil Finn and Crowded House!

  • Record. Its still a recording, right?

  • Patricia

    I don’t care what they say, they’re still called albums no matter how they are sold.

  • MamaBerry

    If Grizzly Bear doesn’t hire that guy to do their next video, they are dumb. Dumber than not knowing what an “album” is.

  • Shelah

    I will need to bookmark/save this video to watch when I need to smile. I’m with Leta, watching it multiple times only increases my joy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reminds me of that French movie, The Science of Sleep.

    I thought “album” was still perfectly legit, but “record” causes that expression of stupified idiocy among the young. No?

  • Anonymous

    Ohmygod. L-o-v-e JMoney! Thanks for telling the internets about her. Maybe now she will become a rich and famous blogger, like yourself.

  • Tanya

    Gabe Askew, I’d like to marry your brain.

  • You know what I love as much as you? People who comment on your blog. Like Bridget above. And the Anono who knew it was Alf’s real name.

    That video made my brain turn inside out. By the time I got to the guy on the tractor I officially stopped eating my salad and let lettuce hang out of my mouth.

  • janelle

    I’m 23 and i call them albums but really the most telling part of this is that youre only just now getting veckatimest.

  • Beautiful. WOW. How do people create these things??? That video made my afternoon, thanks. I’m not even mad anymore about all these damn fruit flies.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa! Just last night I was listening to that album and wondered if you knew about it. I haven’t seen you post about it which led me to believe you did not. It is a soul-soothing album. Enjoy!

  • P

    I think Obama should make an album. Go @blurb ;o)

  • Yeah, sorry, but “Abercrombie-ish” is code for BIG RAVING DOUCHE and his reaction to her using the world “album” just confirms it.

  • Vanessa

    “Album” is completely fine. Not only that, but vinyl is back in a big way! Most of my music-adoring friends (all in their early to mid-20s) say the “A” word, and also own record players.

    Maybe it had more to do with him being an Abercrombie guy ;o)

  • Wow! Just Wow!

  • bb

    un-frickin-believable. i never comment (previous word a testament as to why) but i had to. i’ve got a bfa in film production and am finishing up grad school as we speak (i know, sad at my age) – i’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff in my day…but that was amazing. the details, the quality, the pace and tone…nearly left wordless, except for this comment, of course. thanks. made my day. bb

  • Why not albums? They aren’t necessarily CDs, and “MP3 compilation” isn’t accurate (some artists distribute FLAC). The last time I checked, iTunes still calls them albums.

    Abercrombie-ish hot guy = clown.

  • Marcus

    If it makes you feel any better, I am 19 and I say “album”. Vinyl is making a comeback among some groups of kids. Abacrombie guys usually don’t have good taste in music, they listen to the most popular song on the radio (and where I live, that is usually either rap or country). When you get in groups where music as appreciated more as an art form (and therefore talent becomes important…) albums become the cool thing to talk about. More and more talented artists are releasing their new albums on vinyl, thus records are making a comeback as well.
    Here is a link to a fan video for the band Caribou. I really enjoy it, if you have a few minutes you should check it out. It’s called Onwards.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but I am pretty sure musicians, recording artists, rock stars, whatever you want to call them…they still call them albums. “Buy my new album, listen to my new album, check out my new album,” all statements I have heard on TV or radio very recently, you know, like yesterday.
    So Abercrombie-ish guy is just plain stupid, or maybe he’s Mormon. HA! Just kidding…kinda.

  • bb

    oh and p.s. – and who gives a rat’s ass what anyone from this up and coming generation thinks of our vocabulary! they wear skinny jeans, for poops sake! and send 2,340 texts a day and still remain clinically illiterate. oh and they eat spicy hot anything and think their intestinal fortitude will be with them forever. please. these kids broke their teeth on britney and jessica and avril.

  • christine

    I think I saw Homer Simpson in the bathroom mirror.

  • Doesn’t it break your heart sometimes how talented random people out there in the world are?

  • Aimee

    If saying the word “album” makes abercrombie-ish heads explode, I will be getting on the loudspeaker at the mall and begin screaming it.

    Also, I only buy “albums” for the very reason you described. And don’t tell Grizzly Bear, but this fan video is better than the original.

    Go see them in concert, I still haven’t gotten over hearing that song live!

  • kobri

    a)iTunes calls them albums, musicians call them albums, awards ceremonies call them albums
    b) that was effing amazing

  • I have the same problem with the word “kids.” What do you call your adult children when referring to them to a third party collectively? Calling them your “kids” seems to deprive them of their adulthood. and yet there is no appropriate single word in the English language that means “adult offspring.” If I am wrong someone please email me.

    and Dooce, I met you after the taping of Dr. Phil. Thank you again for hanging out to meet me after I endured the hella line at the ladies’ room. It was a very exciting moment for me, and I babbled like an idiot. I never got to tell you that I am expecting my first child in January (a boy), that your experience as a parent has COMPLETELY inspired me, that Jon is my hero for being so steadfast for you, that Leta is amazing and I have loved watching her grow up, that I purchased “Your Best Birth” as soon as you recommended it, and that I am hoping to have natural childbirth because of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for waiting for me after the show. You are such an inspiration to me. I wish we could hang and go out for some mexican food and reposado tequila in L.A. sometime. A girl can dream, and I do!

  • I’m 24, and I still call them albums. Am I old? I don’t feel old, but I guess no one does. What else would you call them?

  • Tami in NY

    Those damn kids call them ‘CDs’ now, I guess. Maybe even that is becoming defunct with that new age ‘I’ somethin’ or another where they get them damn songs off that world wide space out there.

  • Juggee

    My husband and I are 28 and 29 respectively, and we still call them “albums.” We still also buy CDs because we have the same philosophy about there being a “theme” and appreciating the artistry behind creating an “album.” We get bugged all the time for still buying CDs, but we won’t be stopping anytime soon!

  • My two year old forcibly took the laptop away from me while I was watching the video. From the bit I was able to see (the top third) it was pretty cool! From my daughter’s comments I assume there were lots of fish (ish) stars (up) and fireworks (pop pop pop).

    Thanks for giving me something not Elmo-related that I could share with my daughter. I’m sick of monsters that talk in third person.

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