Achtung! or something

So I’ve either got one wicked cold, or I’m in the beginning stages of swine flu. I’m trying to be positive here and hoping for the former because I don’t have a very high temperature, and also, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!

I’m headed back to bed in a second but wanted to announce a few things first:

1. You can now order a SAFE FOR WORK AND KIDS version of the 2010 Chuck Calendar. The month of February will no longer make my Aunt Mabel blush.

2. Starting today there is a door-smashing, recession-busting sale going on over at the dooce® Shirt Store. Sale ends December 5th. My goal this year is to get my dad to wear a dooce® hoodie to Sacrament Meeting.

3. For locals or anyone who is going to be in the Salt Lake City area on December 3rd, I’m joining several other local authors at the King’s English Bookshop for their annual Holiday Celebration. I’ll be there signing copies of my book and chatting and eating babies from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Please stop by and say hi!

And now I need to go hide under the covers for a bit.