Watch with Heather

Exciting things are happening around here today, and the list doesn’t even cover the fun I’m having with my butt pillow. My designer butt pillow: fleece-covered with memory foam and a gel pad center, big enough to hang over the entire patio in case of inclement weather. I figured, this thing is going to become quite familiar if not totally intimate with that part of my body, might as well get the George Clooney of butt pillows. Besides, it wasn’t that much more expensive than the Steve Guttenberg.

Tonight I’m going to be live twittering during the season premiere of “Home Rules” on HGTV at 9PM Eastern Time from my @HGTVHeather twitter account. Follow along there and join me in watching host Fran Harris, a former WNBA Champion, kick some major butt. Yes, I’m allowed to say butt in connection with HGTV. If you haven’t already noticed, this whole post is about butt.

Thursday night I’ll be live twittering during the season premiere of “Tough as Nails” on HGTV at 9:30PM Eastern Time. You guys, these are going to be rocking social media PARTIES, if that isn’t the craziest thing I have ever typed.

Butt seriously, I hope to spend most of my time talking and responding with viewers, so if you can make it, that’d be awesome. And then afterward we can all hug and drink beer and hide Jon’s underwear in the freezer. It’ll be like Church Camp all over again!

Also, I’ve already been doing a bit of writing for the Design Happens blog at, including a post about Marlo destroying her nursery, and two posts about my sister’s basement renovation: one about tile, and the other about carpet. I know, I know, who do I think I am, an untrained plebe dispensing with design advice. HAS HGTV LOST ITS MIND.

I guess I’m someone like you who maybe can’t afford an interior decorator to whip things magically into shape, and I’m learning and discovering tricks from everything I read and watch. And then you give me tips, and I tell you about my experience, and together we can build something awesome. BOO TO THE YAH.

See you tonight!