This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Another conversation about BYU in the car

Leta: Mom, where did you meet Daddy?

Me: I met him when I was in college. About thirteen years ago.

Leta: Was he in college, too?

Me (secretly hoping she doesn’t ask where we went to college): Yes.

Leta: Where did you go to college?

Me (almost inaudibly): BYU.

Leta: Where?


Leta: You both went to BYU?! Did you love it?! That’s where Mariah (my niece, her favorite person in the world) wants to go!

Me: Not really, Leta. It wasn’t much fun.

Leta: It wasn’t fun? But don’t they have playgrounds at BYU?

Me (lightbulb! lightbulb!): They don’t, actually. They don’t have any playgrounds at all. They tore down all the playgrounds.

Leta (panicking): But are there colleges that do have playgrounds?!

Me: Of course! Remember? I told you about one in Massachusetts. There’s also one in Connecticut, a couple in Northern California, there are even a few in England! Actually, now that I think about it, BYU is the only one that doesn’t.

Leta: Mom, wait until Mariah hears about this!

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