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WINNERS! The dooce® xBox Joy Ride Giveaway 2010

It’s time to announce the winners of the dooce® xBox Joy Ride Giveaway 2010, five of you who were chosen randomly. Or perhaps we were guided by The Spirit, YOU NEVER KNOW. I did eat a ton of protein this weekend, so it could have just been gas.

First, a few snapshots of some of us playing various games on the Kinect. This is part of what makes it so awesome: while you’re playing it takes photos of your various moves so that afterward you can point and laugh at each other. Please note the air I got in my photo. Is that sick or what? Come on! So what if my dress is billowing out like I’m pregnant with the headrest of a passenger seat. (Jon, the Toyota accidentally knocked me up. Oopsies!)

And then here’s video proof of how badly Tyrant kicked my ass in our dance off. Not my finest moment, but he was in my way half of the time so I’m officially calling for a rematch. I blame the fact that I was still reeling from the idea that I might have eaten my dead betta fish. You try dancing well with that kind of grief.

Cue the drum roll please… and the winners are:

Comment #52 Lesismor

Comment #164 Penelope

Comment #1165 kymmi

Comment #2079 kimskitchensink

Comment #4807 Jennyville

The administrators of this prize will be reaching out to the winners shortly. Happy Holidays, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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