If it helps you fall in love

Last night LCD Soundsystem played their last televised performance, ever, on The Colbert Report, because they are no longer going to be playing music as LCD Soundsystem. Interestingly, they had planned one last farewell show at Madison Square Garden that turned into somewhat of a nightmare because scalpers bought up most of the tickets, and James Murphy of the band has a really satisfying, insult and swear word filled rant about it on the band’s website. You’ll find it satisfying, too, if you’ve ever had your motives called into question by people who have no earthly idea what they are talking about.

Anyway, LCD Soundsystem happened to release my favorite song from last year called “I Can Change,” a total throwback to the eighties, but completely timeless in the sense that it perfectly captures the essence of a doomed relationship and the person trying to hold on to it. I know I’ve been there and am so happy that I can enjoy this song now because of its beauty and not cry because of its truth.

They played this song last night, and what a treat it was:

Best part… I taped it and watched it this morning, and when Leta heard it on the TV she came running in and said, “Hey, wait! I know this song!” She loves the synthesizers, I’m thinking, and she grabbed Marlo’s hands so that they could dance along. Someone is going to accuse me of being a snooty hipster because this happened, that I’m somehow not letting my kids be kids by indoctrinating them with The Indie Music, and I’m just going to tell that person to go back to making out with your pillow, you witless boob.