New Tunes Tuesday – The Me

This week we’re taking a bit of a detour into something that is simultaneously brilliant and mortifying. It takes A LOT to make me uncomfortable which should come as no surprise since I’ve written extensively about my episiotomy and the fact that I saw Milli Vanilli in concert and truly thought that they had sung beautifully, and then how my heart broke into pieces when I found out the truth.

In October of 2008 I published some of the journal entries I kept during my freshman year in college, including one with the following passage:

I think the weather has a lot to do with these complacent feelings I’m experiencing. Is it snow or just albino raindrops? Can’t tell.

I just, the… I mean… you guys, I associated the words “albino” and “raindrops” and wrote them in earnest on a piece of paper to describe my feelings.

It’s like a wedgie in the form of poetry.

One of Jon’s friends from high school, Pat Munson, read that entry, saw that word association and wrote a song about it. HE WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT. And then he raised enough money through Kickstarter to film a music video.

BEHOLD: “Albino Raindrops”

(Note: regardless of the fact that the song and video are both excellent, when I watch this I want to rock back and forth sobbing in a corner as I dig the wedgie out of my butt.)