New Tunes – Cults

Oh, I am so giddy about this that I could kiss a rat smack on its itty bitty head.

Cults is a duo based in New York City, and blah blah blah, their music fills me with pure joy. They’ve got a Sixties vibe going on, and yesterday they released their first album. You could say that I’ve been waiting anxiously, constantly refreshing my calendar going IS IT JUNE 7TH YET?! Yes. As a matter of fact, IT WAS YESTERDAY.

This following is the video for the song “Abducted,” the first track on the new album and it is gorgeous. Haunting, but so perfect for this song. Turn this one up.

I knew right then that I’d been abducted.
I knew right then that he would be taking my heart.
I knew right then no one was above him.
I knew right then that he would be breaking my heart.
It tore me apart cuz I really loved him.
He took my heart away and left me to bleed out, bleed out.